4-State Walmart Region Requires Photo Proof – Then Doesn’t

A 4-state Walmart region began requiring before-and-after photos of every sweep, which had to be uploaded with the invoice in order to get paid. After extensive contact by the World Sweeping Association, that requirement has been rescinded.

Tips for Negotiating with Vendors and Prospects

Tips on negotiation from a variety of sources.

How To Defend Against Risk Transfer Contract Clauses

Property owners rely on crucial relationships with contractors, subcontractors and vendors. In these relationships, agreements are made and written contracts are negotiated. However, a growing trend involves contracts in which the contractors and vendors are assuming the liabilities of others. Savvy property owners recognize the benefit of transferring potential liability to others and negotiate contracts to their advantage.

Negotiating Mechanics Liens

Tips on reviewing and negotiating Mechanics Liens.

Surety Bond Requirements Info

Example Wording for Contract Clauses

A sampling of clauses you might want to insert into your contracts or contract addendums in order to modify agreements presented by others.

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