Guidelines for Identifying and Reporting Sexual Harassment

Guidelines for identifying and reporting sexual harassment.

Supervisor Training — Your “First Line” of Defense.

Payroll Best Practices

HR Guidelines for Hiring Veterans

Many WSA Members have expressed their desire to prioritize the hiring of veteranAmericanJobHeroess, if at all possible. An organization called Center for America offers two quick reference guides for businesses looking to do so. One is for small employers who want to hire veterans, national guard members and reservists and the other is for larger employers.

Developing a Winning Organizational Culture

There are many challenges that face executives and the leaders of a business. Guiding and directing the way employees handle the business, transactions, relations with one another, and overall functions of the company are key parts of being in leadership. Establishing a well-defined organizational culture is vital to being successful in business development.

Better Understanding Employee (and Others) Behavior

Gregory P. Smith offers a snapshot of into how different personality types may best be counseled and managed, using the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) system. Graphic and pdf available within the article.

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