The Wisdom and Success of ‘Larry the Pool Guy’

The following story of ‘Larry the Pool Guy’ is presented in hopes it will inspire better business methods and understanding of the power of building a company on the cornerstones of professionalism, quality work product and ethics.

Second Generation Leadership Guides Dominance of Nationwide Environmental Services, Inc.

A profile of Joe Samuelian and how his sweeping company has grown since being founded in 1968. Includes input from Ani Samuelian, daughter of Joe and part of the second generation management team overseeing what is billed as the largest street sweeping company in America. Includes a Podcast interview with Ani Samuelian, which is embedded at the bottom of the article.

Carl Austin and His Impact on the Power Sweeping Industry

A tribute to Carl Austin, a man known as a “fixture” at Schwarze Industries for his class, professionalism, and guidance. Raymond Massey, Malcolm Cameron, and Mark Schwarze add their reflections of the late Carl Austin, as does the World Sweeping Association’s Executive Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross.

Sooner Sweeping Has Advanced Via Communication and Branding Company Quality Advantages

An interview with Gene Terronez, founder of Sooner Sweepers. Included in this interview: how he used his skills as an automobile salesman to build his clientele, how he built the company to include more services than just commercial street sweeping, and the potential for using alternative energy sources, A podcast is included at the end of the article.

Are You Being ‘Snookered’ by Any Third Party Vendors?

An APEX-Award winning feature story that focuses on the damages that have been done to the street sweeping industry by irresponsible third-party vendors. Included in this article is a strategy for contractors to avoid further damages as well as what a contractor can do in the short term while a long term strategy is agreed upon.

Employee Hiring Best Practices Info From 2013 NPE

At the 2013 NPE Best Practices for Sweepers Seminar a number of good ideas surfaced in the various topic areas. The following information on hiring practices is provided from the notes taken during the session by WSA’s Executive Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross.

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