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    Tom Kuhns

    How are other sweeping companies handling the customer that requires you to call in when you arrive and call out when you complete litter sweeping? You have to down load their app on your cell phone to be able to perform this task and the app is not always easy to use and does not always work!
    I have been able to always call in the following morning but now they have said you have to call in using their app each time service is performed.
    My issue is you need a smart phone which I do not provide to all my drivers (only supervisors). And could their app track where your driver is working all night long? (Big Brother)
    I just received an email from Bright View about this and the account is Burlington Coat, where I currently call in the following morning and get a monthly work ticket signed. This is a big change and will be expensive for us to comply.
    We’re having to do more and more administration as sweeping people just to get paid?! Call in/out, IVR, monthly slip signs what next? We should not forget we still have to sweep these locations and all for a “low ball” amount!!


    If you don’t feel you can charge enough to make it worthwhile, I’d line up a replacement job elsewhere and then “resign” from the job. You might just call their bluff and get a price increase.
    Otherwise, you may need to have the driver call a supervisor and let the supervisor handle the app.
    Best of luck.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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