Our May 15th WSA Member Update includes:
• Link to OSHA’s required training frequencies for a variety of issues
• Note that J.J. Keller is offering the company’s “Essentials of Employment Law” manual for free through May 20th
• Reminder to apply/notify about WSA’s Memorial Scholarship program
• Notation that Divisions is retaliating against contractors who took Walmart accounts away from them.
• May Safety First! information

WSA Member Update 5.1.19

Our WSA Member Update for May 1st includes:
• Information about working for unions
• Offer to help if third party vendors retaliate from contractors getting Walmart or other accounts away from them going direct
• Info on latest generation of dashboard cameras
• Link to webinar on DOL’s proposed overtime changes

Unionization: An Overview

WSA Member Update 4.15.19

WSA’s Member-Only Update for April 15, 2019, included:
• Request by member for info on unionization of sweeping companies
• Info on recent Walmart awards re: taking accounts away from third party vendors
• Free white paper of “HR Best Practices that Improve Engagement.”
• Link to a free copy of J.J. Keller’s “Essentials of Employee Relations” manual for limited time.
• Link to free webinar “OSHA Workplace Safety Inspections: What you need to know”
• Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, links to safety info to share
• April Safety First! Tips

HR Best Practices That Improve Engagement

The link contains an infographic that discusses the 8 most critical focus areas for HR best practices.

WSA Member Update 4.1.19

This WSA Member Update offers info on the following:
• Link to Mark Herbick’s NPE presentation about how to package your business for sale and much more.
• Gary Rabine’s NPE presentation on the value of mentorship.
• Bill Silverman’s presentation notes on how to make change stick in your organization.
• A request about finding a supplier for general pavement tools.
• Link to an article about best practices for keeping employees.
• Summary of tax changes for 2018 year taxes.

You Want Change? Here’s How to Make Changes Stick!

This link contains the handout for the seminar put on by Bill Silverman, owner of Springboard Business Coaching. The company helps its clients restructure their businesses, learn new management skills and implement the strategies needed to sustain a thriving, profitable multi-million dollar business – along with a balanced life.

Mentorship Excellence: The Key to Personal and Industry Leadership

In 37 years, Rabine Paving has gone from startup paving driveways to a large, full-service paving company with over $200 million in annual sales. Gary Rabine credits mentorship for creating a positive growth climate for business owners both giving and receiving. The viewer receives information about places to go in order to receive mentorship that will enhance their ability to lead their organization to new heights.

Preparing for and Executing a Successful Merger/Acquisition Transaction

Link to an exclusive video by Mark Herbick that provides detailed information on success tactics for preparing your business for sale. Also discusses how to execute a successful merger or acquisition and when the best times are for buyers and, alternatively, when sellers have the advantage.

WSA Member Update 3.15.19

March 15, 2019 WSA Member Update Includes:
• Congrats to WSA Members Bridget and Warren Burge who won Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping for 2019
• Congrats to WSA Members Darren and Shelly Harris for article in PAVEMENT Magazine
• Update on videos from NPE seminars
• Link to retail store closures
• Keller webcast and Essentials of Employment Law free manual
• Safety First! tips for March
• Reminder about St. Patrick’s Day safety

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