BMPs if Attacked on Sweeping Route

BMPs to follow in the event someone tries to rob you on your sweeping route.

WSA Member Update 11.1.18

The November 1st Director’s Blog contains the following info:
• Request to WSA Members to see if trading Christmas images for cards was something of interest.
• Links for review of tax deductions for 2018.
• Reminder to get twin-engine fuel excise tax rebates.
• Link to Xpert HR webinar on Identifying Risk in Handbooks.
• Link to J.J. Keller white paper on worker accident reporting.

WSA Member Update 10.15.18

October 15th Excerpts include:
• Link to a feature video done by KCTV5 on Ryan Bertholdi and his Kansas City-based company Moonlight Sweeping.
• Walmart story about a new requirement of before and after photos being thwarted, at least for now.
• Link to a 60-minute webinar on the Family and Medical Leave Act
• Our monthly Safety First! tips by John Meola

4-State Walmart Region Requires Photo Proof – Then Doesn’t

A 4-state Walmart region began requiring before-and-after photos of every sweep, which had to be uploaded with the invoice in order to get paid. After extensive contact by the World Sweeping Association, that requirement has been rescinded.

WSA Member Update 10.1.18

This edition of the WSA Member Update includes:
• Reminder about the NPE seminars that are FREE to WSA Members.
• Link to J.J. Keller’s free online version of “OSHA Compliance for General Industry” Manual.
• Info about the discount WSA Members get for Verizon GPS and cell service.

WSA Member Update 9.15.18

This issue of the WSA Member Update includes:
• Reminders about the OSHA silica standard and requirements
• Link and info re: a sweeper operator who leaked 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid onto the street thinking it was water.
• Monthly Safety First! update by John Meola
• Info on the current brake safety initiative being conducted throughout the U.S. by law enforcement personnel.
• Link to a J.J. Keller white paper entitled “OSHA 101, What Every Business Should Know.”

WSA Member Update 8.15.18

The info in the August 15, 2018 WSA Member Update includes:
• News that Norwood and Betsy Carter are retiring
• e-newsletter wins national award
• John Meola’s Safety First! information
• A refresher on Best Management Practices for selling your services

WSA Member Update 8.1.18

This edition of the WSA Update includes:
• The first notice of NPE free seminars for WSA Members
• On-demand link for American Trucker’s free webinar called ‘Synthetics are not just for engine oil’
• Article link to PDF about re-evaluating your business operation in order to stay current, grow, etc.
• Info on J.J. Keller free webcast on topic of safety

WSA Member Update 7.15.18

The July 15th WSA Update includes:
• Info about the new Walmart billing screen.
• Recruitment of Class B truck drivers request.
• US Dept. of Labor info about minimum wages.
• Free webinar on synthetic lubricants.
• Safety First bulletin.

The July 1st Update includes:
• News about the passing of Deborah McCaskill.
• Info about MirrorLawn losing the Lowe’s account in its 2nd month.
• Request for info on Broom Badger from users.
• J.J. Keller webcast on workplace posters.
• Renewed request for someone to review HindSite routing software.
• Info on July 4th safety.

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