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WSA Member Update 2.15.18

OnBoarding 101

Safety Info and Photo Reminders From IVID Learning Systems

WSA Member Update 2.1.18

This edition of the WSA Member Update includes info on the following:
• Link to suggestions about the new tax law.
• Info telling members we have tried to find out more about Walmart’s future contractor hiring plans.
• Info on free webinar on harassment.
• Link to ConstructConnect, a database for acquiring leads.

The Tax Bill Is Law—Now What?

WSA Member Update 1.15.18

This WSA Member Update included the following:
• Certificate with Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous quote about sweeping and excellence, with a link to a PDF version suitable for framing.
• Reminder that all Members are encouraged to call the WSA office with questions.
• KBS has acquired Rhode Island-based East Coast Lot and Pavement Maintenance as well as National Maintenance Systems.
ª Link to a slip and fall simulator to use as a safety meeting topic.
• John Meola’s January safety information.
• Link to a free webinar entitled “Top 2018 Compliance Challenges For HR: Are You Ready?”

WSA Member Update 1.1.18

This edition contains the following information:
• Reminder of drug testing mandated changes starting January 1, 2018
• Link to a ‘planning for success’ article
• Notice of new article on WSA site about sexual harassment identification and action
• Reminder to review handouts and benefits of WSA, as well as to download Member and Ethics logos for your use

Guidelines for Identifying and Reporting Sexual Harassment

Guidelines for identifying and reporting sexual harassment.

WSA Member Update 12.15.17

This Update contains info on:
• Link to article about how to change contract language to your benefit
• Special being offered by VBelt Supply
• John Meola’s Safety First info
• On-demand webinar link to SafeStart’s info on accidents tied to not enough sleep.

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