WSA Member Update 1.1.19

Our WSA Member Update contains…
• We ask our Members if they know who is taking over the Home Depot account in the NE.
• A reminder and link about web security.
• We suggest WSA Members develop a company policy around mobile devices.
• We offer Chevron’s ’22 Tips to Reduce Operating Costs.’
• We offer an additional link about developing a succession plan for your business.

Developing Policy to Address Employees’ Personal Devices During and After Working Hours

This article discusses the professional recommendations of how to address the employment-specific legal issues as well as the benefits of personal device policies and addresses staff recommendations that clients and employees should incorporate when implementing personal device practices at work.

WSA Member Update 12.15.18

WSA’s December 1st Update included:
• 1900s sweeper photo with wreath along with directions on how to download for Christmas social media post.
• Request for info on paying operators a percentage of route income.
• Notice of $25/year increase in WSA Membership.
• Reminder to let me know about any community giving programs
• Safety First! Tips
• Link to a one-hour webcast ‘Recordkeeping & Audits: Dotting all the i’s for the DOT on demand.
• Info on the free WSA conferences at NPE

WSA Member Update 12.1.18

This WSA Member Update includes:
• $100 credit for new signups to WSA’s fuel card provider
• JJ Keller free webcast on driver qualification rules for CDLs
• Link to new article on prepping for OSHA inspections
• Request to let WSA know if you do anything special for your customers this Christmas

OSHA Inspections: Are You Prepared?

The title says it all!

WSA Member Update 11.15.18

November 15th Member Update includes:
• Link to info on how to respond to a robbery attempt while sweeping.
• New member benefit announced of a FREE Business Effectiveness Evaluation and one-hour follow-up by a principal of Legacy Business Leaders, LLC.
• Offer of free oil and additives from Texas Refining Corporation for someone purchasing two twin-engine diesel sweepers soon.
• Schwarze offering to WSA Members a discount on WhisperWheel fans through end of the year.
• John Meola’s Safety First! bulletin.
• Link to OSHA Workplace Safety Inspection webinar on demand.

BMPs if Attacked on Sweeping Route

BMPs to follow in the event someone tries to rob you on your sweeping route.

WSA Member Update 11.1.18

The November 1st Director’s Blog contains the following info:
• Request to WSA Members to see if trading Christmas images for cards was something of interest.
• Links for review of tax deductions for 2018.
• Reminder to get twin-engine fuel excise tax rebates.
• Link to Xpert HR webinar on Identifying Risk in Handbooks.
• Link to J.J. Keller white paper on worker accident reporting.

WSA Member Update 10.15.18

October 15th Excerpts include:
• Link to a feature video done by KCTV5 on Ryan Bertholdi and his Kansas City-based company Moonlight Sweeping.
• Walmart story about a new requirement of before and after photos being thwarted, at least for now.
• Link to a 60-minute webinar on the Family and Medical Leave Act
• Our monthly Safety First! tips by John Meola

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