Forms and Handouts for Power Sweeping Contractors

A list of forms and handouts available for download from the WSA website. At the end of each description there’s a link you can click on to download the form or handout.

Determining Cost Per Hour for Operating a Sweeper

World Sweeping Association’s form for calculating the cost per hour of operating a street sweeper, with an attached pdf.

Cost Per Mile

This form helps you figure out your expenses so you can determine your overall cost per mile for sweeping.

Property Manager Tips to Ensure ‘Sweeping Success’

This article is designed to help property managers assess the value received from a sweeping contractor, with the goals of maximizing property cosmetics while minimizing liability exposure and overall CAM costs.

Developing and Implementing a Progressive Discipline Policy

Suggestions regarding written language of discipline and discharge. This includes words to avoid and the importance of maintaining flexibility in paperwork concerning disciplinary policy. A pdf file is attached that includes a model policy members can tailor towards their companies needs.

How to Create an Employee Handbook

Douglas M. Zucker’s nine-step guide to creating an Employee Handbook. A properly drafted handbook can be an excellent tool for employers while an improperly drafted handbook can leave the employer open to legal concerns. Both these examples are addressed within the article.

Send Holiday Notices to Customers Via Email

This link provides helpful information on sending holiday e-mails to customers. A sample template is attached, as is information on how to convert your holiday greeting into an image file.

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