Pavement Striping and Sweeping Contractors: Add-on Service or Referral Profit Center?

WSA Member Update 3.15.23

WSA Member Update 3.15.23 contains:
• Update after speaking with new Lowe’s third party vendor, Transblue, and providing them with contract input.
• News about a scheduled live Zoom session with Shauna Huntington, CEO and Founder of Fortiviti.
• Update on N.E.L.T.S.
• Safety First! contents with John Meola

“Grow Your Business with INTENTION” by Cam Roberts

Cam Roberts shows you how to grow your business in this 1.5-hour seminar available ONLY to WSA members. It was filmed at the 2023 National Pavement Expo.

The Basics of Running a Small Business: Day-to-Day Operations

A WSA member exclusive 1.5-hour seminar entitled: “The Basics of Running a Small Business: Day-to-Day Operations.” Was presented at the 2023 NPE.

WSA Member Update 3.1.23

The WSA Member Update 3.1.23 included:
• Notice of analysis available for Shields FM contract
• Link to article about catalytic converter theft and prevention
• Story and link from John Meola about a backing up death
• Link to video from Shauna Huntington on The Basics of Running a Small Business: Day-to-Day Operations.

Contract Analysis Shields/Transblue re: Lowe’s

This posting is an analysis of the contract Shields Facilities Maintenance provided to contractors in early 2023 in regard to sweeping Lowe’s parking lots. Note that the Shields contract is very similar to the Transblue contract; Transblue apparently gained the Lowe’s contract in early 2023.

WSA Member Update 2.15.23

WSA Member Update 2.15.23 contains:
• Congrats on Chiefs’ win to our KC members, including link to one of their previous articles for WSA, “Adding Portable Toilets to Your Services”.
• Update on N.E.L.T.S.
• News about Zoom interview with WSA members who received the 2023 Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping.
• Reminder to apply for PAVEMENT magazine’s Top Contractor Awards
• John Meola’s monthly safety reminders.

WSA Member Update 2.1.23

WSA Member Update 2.1.23 contains:
• Winner of 2023 Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping
• News and info link about N.E.L.T.S.
• Link to WSA member info about sweeping’s value both before and after sealcoating
• Link to apply for Pavement Magazine’s Top Contractor awards

The Value of Sweeping for Preservation of Sealcoating and Line Striping

N.E.L.T.S.: An Investigative Report

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