WSA Member Update 5.1.22

WSA Member Update 5.1.22 includes:
• Link to a Nighttime Work Zone Safety Guide
• Link to upcoming FREE webinar on fleet management BMPs
• Info on WSA’s new Benefits Calling Program to be sure members are ‘up to speed’ on their WSA benefits
• Reminder that if you have an issue with Walmart that gets an answer to be sure to let WSA know.

Nighttime Work Zone Safety Guide

Nighttime Work Zone Safety Guide: The name says it all!

WSA Member Update 5.1.22

WSA Member Update 5.1.22 includes:
• Resource info on distracted driving
• Reminder to post WSA’s Memorial Scholarship info for employees
• Request for input about anyplace Walmart is not in compliance with its own contracts, etc.
• Information about NELTS, Inc.

WSA Member Update 4.15.22

WSA Member Update 4.15.22 includes:
• Link to the Night Time Work Zone Safety Guide
• Latest info on Walmart communications
• Second of our seminar videos from the 2022 NPE
• Link to John Meola’s Safety First! post for April

Battery-Powered Blowers: Ready to Meet the Sweeping Industry’s Needs?

See what contractors in 2022 had to say about their use of battery-powered backpack and hand-held blowers.

WSA Member Update 4.1.22

WSA Member Update 4.1.22 contains:
• Info on CBRE losing Walmart account
• Link to NPE seminar by 405 Media on using video to enhance your company
• Latest on Walmart changes, including April Fool’s Day posting.
• Link to BMPs in getting and keeping employees.

Increasing Sales and Brand Recognition Through Video

In this 90-minute seminar by Brandon Stanton, a Founding Partner of 405 Media Group LLC, you will see why video is the hottest new way to maximize the professionalism of your company in your marketing efforts and elsewhere.

New Generation of Future Owners

This 90-minute seminar at the 2022 NPE was developed to provide business owners and key personnel attendees with important ideas that would help them maximize the value of their companies prior to listing them for sale. This was done by offering different scenarios of companies that were more – or less – ready for sale.

WSA Member Update 3.15.22

This WSA Member Update includes:
• Latest info on changes in sweeping frequency and more at Walmart
• Link to info on BMPs for adding a fuel surcharge to your current accounts
• Info on how to get into the portable toilet business
• March Safety First! post by John Meola

Adding Portable Toilets to Your Services

Looking to add portable toilets to your products / services? Here’s the ‘poop’ on that business, provided by Gale Holsman, WSA Advisory Board Member, and the current owner of @4,000 porta potty units.

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