WSA Member Update 9.15.23

WSA Member Update 9.15.23 contained:
• Link to “A Pocket Guide To Maximizing Tax Returns For Subcontractors”
• Link to “A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Prepping for Winter Operations”
• WSA Member response to previous Walmart Special Report
• John Meola’s Safety First! info
• White paper article entitled “How to Determine Your Marketing Budget”

WSA Member Update 9.1.23

WSA Member Update 9.1.23

• Note that Mark Boyer, Editor of SweeperMarket Magazine, passed away.
• WSA Memorial Scholarship winner announced
• Info on what to do when homeless are sleeping on a parking lot where you’re sweeping
• Ideas about what to do when attacked on the job
• Update on WalMart’s 3-year back auditing program by Auditec.
• Note about the 23% off sale by V-Belt Supply

‘Street Racers’ on Parking Lot Injure Sweeper Operator

On August 25, 2023, the two-person team operating a parking lot sweeper owned by Oregon-based WSA member, Cantel Sweeping, encountered much more than an overly dirty lot. When they entered the area on that Friday night for a twice-monthly sweep, the lot was packed with perhaps as many as 200 ‘street racers.’

2023 Scholarship Winner

WSA Member Update 8.15.23

WSA Member Update 8.15.23 contained:
• Welcome to Rotterdam Sweeping
• News about non-payment by CASE Facilities Management
• Questions about what to do when homeless are in parking lots
• Link to OSHA Heat Hazard Alert
• Link to ideas about working smarter, not harder
• Info on spotting risky drivers in order to minimize liability
• August Safety First! info

WSA Member Update 8.1.23

WSA Member Update 8.1.23
• Copy of the 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report
• More info on NELTS non-payment
• More info on CASE non-payment
• Info on OSHA’s ‘Safe + Sound Week’ pledge and actions
• Reminders about what your operators/drivers should do in the case of an accident.

10 Things Drivers Should Do in Case of an Accident

List and explanation of 10 Things Drivers Should Do in Case of an Accident

WSA Member Update 7.15.23

The 7.15.23 WSA Update includes:
• Info and recommendations re: ChatGPT
• Latest info on NELTS
• Updated info on CASE
• Info on a free webinar on Ransomware
• Safety First! post for July

The Advantages and Pitfalls of Using Independent Contractors

In June of 2023, WSA’s Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, teamed up with Phil Duncan, a principal with WSA’s endorsed insurance carrier, BindDesk, to discuss in detail the pluses and minuses of using independent contractors.

WSA Member Update 7.1.23

WSA Member Update 7.1.23 Contents:
• Link to a discussion about use of independent contractors
• Link to the OSHA/NIOSH Heat Safety Tool
• 10 Tips for Firework Safety
• Latest info about Walmart
• Warning about nonpayment from CASE

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