Using AI for Sweeping Contractors

Overview on how AI might be used in sweeping contractor businesses. Includes links to providers of various of the concepts.

7 cybersecurity tips for a safer online experience

‘Street Racers’ on Parking Lot Injure Sweeper Operator

On August 25, 2023, the two-person team operating a parking lot sweeper owned by Oregon-based WSA member, Cantel Sweeping, encountered much more than an overly dirty lot. When they entered the area on that Friday night for a twice-monthly sweep, the lot was packed with perhaps as many as 200 ‘street racers.’

The Advantages and Pitfalls of Using Independent Contractors

In June of 2023, WSA’s Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, teamed up with Phil Duncan, a principal with WSA’s endorsed insurance carrier, BindDesk, to discuss in detail the pluses and minuses of using independent contractors.

Restoring s-cam performance in drum brakes

Information detailing the steps and analysis to utilize when checking and/or replacing brakes.

The Basics of Running a Small Business: Day-to-Day Operations

A WSA member exclusive 1.5-hour seminar entitled: “The Basics of Running a Small Business: Day-to-Day Operations.” Was presented at the 2023 NPE.

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