Tips for Negotiating with Vendors and Prospects

Tips on negotiation from a variety of sources.

Be Aware of These Antitrust Violations

We have received several calls in the last few months asking what a business owner can and cannot do in terms of speaking with competitors. To help clarify, we have added this article to the WSA website.

Bidding The Job of Parking Area Sweeping

This article contains information focused towards understanding the fundamentals of the Power Sweeping business. It includes links to different topics and questions to help prepare you for a variety of circumstances.

Approaching Property Managers With Success

Panel of property management pros will help you understand the way your clients think so that you’ll have a much better chance to secure the account.

Bidding as a Cost Per Gross Leaseable Area

Bidding sweeping jobs is one of the toughest, most time-consuming aspects of the parking lot sweeping business. For that reason, there are a number of techniques people use to determine their bid pricing. This article discusses use of GLA (Gross Leaseable Area) and CAM (Common Area Maintenance) to determine bidding.

Tips on Bidding and Cost Allocation for Power Sweeping Contractors

Ray Confer, principal in C & J Sweeping and a contractor with 60 employees, says: “When it comes to running a sweeping company, including how you bid sweeping jobs, there’s no right and wrong way to do it if you have the facts you need. What’s important is that you work out a way that works — and makes money — for you.” Adapted from Confer’s presentation at a National Pavement Expo.