WSA Member Update 11.15.22

The November 15, 2022 WSA Update includes:
• Request to tell WSA office if you want a different renewal notebook.
• Notice about N.E.L.T.S. and Mirror Lawn non-pay/slow pay issue.
• Warning about Domain Registry scam invoices.
• Link to guidelines for holiday parties.
• John Meola’s Safety First! info for November.

WSA Member Update 10.15.22

WSA Member Update 10.15.22 contains:
• Topics dedicated to distracted driving
• Link to Verizon Connect’s on-demand webinar: “Is Distracted Driving Eating into Your Fleet’s Bottom Line?”
• 14-minute on-demand webinar by SafeStart on distraction and accidents
• October Safety First! post by John Meola
• Reminder to have a safety meeting targeting Halloween night safety.

WSA Member Update 10.1.22

WSA Member Update 10.1.22 contains:
• Storm preparedness link, including a severe weather planning guide and links to where you can get help if affected.
• Linked-In’s Learning Blog info
• Beginner’s guide to QR codes

WSA Member Update 9.15.22

WSA Member Update 9.15.22 contains:
• Walmart update
• Info on identifying and combating stress
• News about a VBelt Supply sale

WSA Member Update 9.1.22

WSA Member Update 9.1.22 contains:
• Latest info on Walmart changes
• Zoomcast on pollution liability insurance
• Info on OSHA’s Top 4 most serious accident types and links to mitigate.

WSA Member Update 8.15.22

The WSA Member Update 8.15.22 contains:
• Info on how to sign up for ‘informed delivery,’ which is an email from USPS of the letter-sized mail you should be receiving that day.
• A variety of tips on how to keep from losing your cell phone and what to do when your phone is lost or stolen.
• 5 steps to take after a construction company vehicle crash.
• The August Safety First! post by John Meola

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