WSA Member Update 4.1.24

WSA Member Update 4.1.24 contained: • Reminder link about new drone street sweepers released today • Update on the Walmart/Auditec Solutions connection and the auditing now taking place • Link to US administration’s push to turbocharge sales of electric vehicles, including sweepers • Link to PAVEMENT Magazine article about electric displacement of diesel • Link to tips on investigating the idea of using a route planning software/company

WSA Member Update 3.15.24

WSA Member Update 3.15.24 includes: • Article about the many environmental benefits of power sweeping • Info on Walmart’s auditing company, Auditec Solutions • LinkedIn White Paper on Hiring BMPs • Info on personality tests for new hires • Monthly Safety First Safety Meeting Topics

 WSA Member Update 3.1.24

 WSA Member Update 3.1.24 Included: • Reminder that March 1st was Employee Appreciation Day • Notice about merger of CASE FMS with a Canadian company • Info about how AI might help sweeping companies • Link and info about ChatGPT • Link to A Beginner’s Guide to ChatGPT and AI Interactions • Link to a new post on the WSA website called “Using AI for Sweeping Contractors.

WSA Member Update 2.15.24

WSA Member Update 2.15.24 includes: • New member Babco Lot & Pavement Maintenance • Reminder about V-Belt Supply 29% discount • Link to an ebook about how to better use Microsoft Excel • Link to the webinar “Top Three Things to Know When Managing a Fleet” on-demand for members • Link to info on creating a “see something/say something culture.” • Monthly Safety First! post

WSA Member Update 2.1.24

WSA Member Update 2.1.24 contains: • Welcome to new member, The Street Cleaner • Note on V-Belt Supply’s discount • Link to 20 ‘red flags’ for interviews • Link to advice about buying or selling used sweepers • Request for your take on NPE and PAVE/X • Reminder about new Telwell urgent care WSA benefit

WSA Member Update 1.15.24

WSA Member Update 1.15.24 includes: • Reminders and printout certificate about Martin Luther King, Jr. and his connection to the sweeping industry. • Link to inspirational advice from MLK, Jr. • Link/info about the free webinar from the National Safety Council • Link to Director’s monthly article for PAVEMENT Magazine. • Safety First! message for January

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