WSA Member Update 9.15.23

WSA Member Update 9.15.23 contained:
• Link to “A Pocket Guide To Maximizing Tax Returns For Subcontractors”
• Link to “A Fleet Manager’s Guide to Prepping for Winter Operations”
• WSA Member response to previous Walmart Special Report
• John Meola’s Safety First! info
• White paper article entitled “How to Determine Your Marketing Budget”

WSA Member Update 9.1.23

WSA Member Update 9.1.23

• Note that Mark Boyer, Editor of SweeperMarket Magazine, passed away.
• WSA Memorial Scholarship winner announced
• Info on what to do when homeless are sleeping on a parking lot where you’re sweeping
• Ideas about what to do when attacked on the job
• Update on WalMart’s 3-year back auditing program by Auditec.
• Note about the 23% off sale by V-Belt Supply

WSA Member Update 8.15.23

WSA Member Update 8.15.23 contained:
• Welcome to Rotterdam Sweeping
• News about non-payment by CASE Facilities Management
• Questions about what to do when homeless are in parking lots
• Link to OSHA Heat Hazard Alert
• Link to ideas about working smarter, not harder
• Info on spotting risky drivers in order to minimize liability
• August Safety First! info

WSA Member Update 8.1.23

WSA Member Update 8.1.23
• Copy of the 2023 Fleet Technology Trends Report
• More info on NELTS non-payment
• More info on CASE non-payment
• Info on OSHA’s ‘Safe + Sound Week’ pledge and actions
• Reminders about what your operators/drivers should do in the case of an accident.

WSA Member Update 7.15.23

The 7.15.23 WSA Update includes:
• Info and recommendations re: ChatGPT
• Latest info on NELTS
• Updated info on CASE
• Info on a free webinar on Ransomware
• Safety First! post for July

WSA Member Update 7.1.23

WSA Member Update 7.1.23 Contents:
• Link to a discussion about use of independent contractors
• Link to the OSHA/NIOSH Heat Safety Tool
• 10 Tips for Firework Safety
• Latest info about Walmart
• Warning about nonpayment from CASE

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