When and How to Discipline an Uncompliant Employee

WSA Member Update 9.1.19

This WSA Member Update includes:
• Info about Walmart’s new oversight being done by CBRE
• Info on new tire program with Goodyear
• Overview of what’s available with IVID’s safety program
• Background history of Labor Day

WSA Member Update 8.15.19

This WSA Member Update includes:
• Info on upcoming Goodyear tire discounts
• Request for more info on third party vendor survey questions
• Reminder about JJ Keller free heat stress online course
• Notice about webinar on misclassification of independent contractors
• Safety First! topics for August

WSA Member Update 8.1.19

WSA’s August 1st Member Update included:
• Link to podcast Ranger did with Jeff Tippett for his Victory by Association podcast series.
• J.J. Keller’s training on heat stress available free until August 31st.
• Link to article at ForConstructionPros about Workers Comp insurance.
• Link to a Vehicle Incident Report Form now in our WSA Forms area.

WSA Member Update 7.15.19

Our July 15th WSA Member Update includes:
• Request to see if Members have info about Alliance Property Services.
• Info about free on-demand webcasts by J.J. Keller.
• Info about winners of this year’s scholarships.
• John Meola’s Safety First! message
• Link to ‘The Maintenance Equation’ by Chevron Oil that has resources designed to keep fleets on the road more effectively and efficiently.

WSA Member Update 7.1.19

Info in the July 1st WSA Member Update:
• Request for photos of sweepers cleaning up after 4th of July parades.
• Request for info about hopper rustout when/if using reclaimed water for dust suppression.
• Article on goal-setting from Maximus Insurance Associates, Inc.
• Link to better questions to use when interviewing job candidates.
• Link to info from PostcardMania, a company with good reviews for doing direct mailers.

Goal-setting and Follow-Through: Markers for Success

WSA Member Update 6.15.19

Our June 15th WSA Update included:
• A retraction of the report in our last issue alleging Advanced Service Solutions is not paying contractors.
• Notice that CBRE will be taking on third party management of around 400 Walmarts in the Southwest.
• A link to a video showing the importance of cleaning streets so storm drains don’t clog.
• Note about J.J. Keller webcasts available on-demand through June
• Reminder that only 15 days remain to apply for the WSA Memorial Scholarships.
• Safety First! tips for June.

WSA Member Update 6.1.19

Our June 1st WSA Member Update includes:
• A WSA Member provided notice that City Facilities Management Holdings will be taking over a wide variety of Walmart services, including lot sweeping, in September.
• Link to a story WSA’s Director that was in Diesel Machinery magazine about the value of considering re-hiring previous workers.
• Reminder about the July 1st deadline for WSA’s Memorial Scholarship program.
• Notice about an emergency light now available at low cost.
• Info about Azuga FleetMobile SSE, an app that needs no in-vehicle hardware to get access to GPS tracking, driver behavior and much more.

City Facilities Management Holdings, LLC

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