WSA Member Update 6.15.19

Our June 15th WSA Update included:
• A retraction of the report in our last issue alleging Advanced Service Solutions is not paying contractors.
• Notice that CBRE will be taking on third party management of around 400 Walmarts in the Southwest.
• A link to a video showing the importance of cleaning streets so storm drains don’t clog.
• Note about J.J. Keller webcasts available on-demand through June
• Reminder that only 15 days remain to apply for the WSA Memorial Scholarships.
• Safety First! tips for June.

WSA Member Update 6.1.19

Our June 1st WSA Member Update includes:
• A WSA Member provided notice that City Facilities Management Holdings will be taking over a wide variety of Walmart services, including lot sweeping, in September.
• Link to a story WSA’s Director that was in Diesel Machinery magazine about the value of considering re-hiring previous workers.
• Reminder about the July 1st deadline for WSA’s Memorial Scholarship program.
• Notice about an emergency light now available at low cost.
• Info about Azuga FleetMobile SSE, an app that needs no in-vehicle hardware to get access to GPS tracking, driver behavior and much more.

Our May 15th WSA Member Update includes:
• Link to OSHA’s required training frequencies for a variety of issues
• Note that J.J. Keller is offering the company’s “Essentials of Employment Law” manual for free through May 20th
• Reminder to apply/notify about WSA’s Memorial Scholarship program
• Notation that Divisions is retaliating against contractors who took Walmart accounts away from them.
• May Safety First! information

WSA Member Update 5.1.19

Our WSA Member Update for May 1st includes:
• Information about working for unions
• Offer to help if third party vendors retaliate from contractors getting Walmart or other accounts away from them going direct
• Info on latest generation of dashboard cameras
• Link to webinar on DOL’s proposed overtime changes

WSA Member Update 4.15.19

WSA’s Member-Only Update for April 15, 2019, included:
• Request by member for info on unionization of sweeping companies
• Info on recent Walmart awards re: taking accounts away from third party vendors
• Free white paper of “HR Best Practices that Improve Engagement.”
• Link to a free copy of J.J. Keller’s “Essentials of Employee Relations” manual for limited time.
• Link to free webinar “OSHA Workplace Safety Inspections: What you need to know”
• Since April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, links to safety info to share
• April Safety First! Tips

WSA Member Update 4.1.19

This WSA Member Update offers info on the following:
• Link to Mark Herbick’s NPE presentation about how to package your business for sale and much more.
• Gary Rabine’s NPE presentation on the value of mentorship.
• Bill Silverman’s presentation notes on how to make change stick in your organization.
• A request about finding a supplier for general pavement tools.
• Link to an article about best practices for keeping employees.
• Summary of tax changes for 2018 year taxes.

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