WSA Member Update 10.15.18

October 15th Excerpts include:
• Link to a feature video done by KCTV5 on Ryan Bertholdi and his Kansas City-based company Moonlight Sweeping.
• Walmart story about a new requirement of before and after photos being thwarted, at least for now.
• Link to a 60-minute webinar on the Family and Medical Leave Act
• Our monthly Safety First! tips by John Meola

WSA Member Update 10.1.18

This edition of the WSA Member Update includes:
• Reminder about the NPE seminars that are FREE to WSA Members.
• Link to J.J. Keller’s free online version of “OSHA Compliance for General Industry” Manual.
• Info about the discount WSA Members get for Verizon GPS and cell service.

WSA Member Update 9.15.18

This issue of the WSA Member Update includes:
• Reminders about the OSHA silica standard and requirements
• Link and info re: a sweeper operator who leaked 50 gallons of hydraulic fluid onto the street thinking it was water.
• Monthly Safety First! update by John Meola
• Info on the current brake safety initiative being conducted throughout the U.S. by law enforcement personnel.
• Link to a J.J. Keller white paper entitled “OSHA 101, What Every Business Should Know.”

WSA Member Update 8.15.18

The info in the August 15, 2018 WSA Member Update includes:
• News that Norwood and Betsy Carter are retiring
• e-newsletter wins national award
• John Meola’s Safety First! information
• A refresher on Best Management Practices for selling your services

WSA Member Update 8.1.18

This edition of the WSA Update includes:
• The first notice of NPE free seminars for WSA Members
• On-demand link for American Trucker’s free webinar called ‘Synthetics are not just for engine oil’
• Article link to PDF about re-evaluating your business operation in order to stay current, grow, etc.
• Info on J.J. Keller free webcast on topic of safety

WSA Member Update 7.15.18

The July 15th WSA Update includes:
• Info about the new Walmart billing screen.
• Recruitment of Class B truck drivers request.
• US Dept. of Labor info about minimum wages.
• Free webinar on synthetic lubricants.
• Safety First bulletin.

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