COVID Update re: Walmart 3.24.20

Bulletin advising how sweeping contractors may sweep Walmart locations early during the COVID-19 outbreak when Walmarts are closing early.

COVID Update March 23rd

WSA Member Update 3.15.20

Our March 15th WSA Member Update included:
• How to get onto Walmart’s bid list
• News CVS acquired Schnuck Pharmacies
• Link to WSA Member-only video by Gary Rabine from NPE 2020
• Coronavirus updates and links
• Link to t-shirt about being a street sweeper mom
• March Safety First! link

WSA Member Update 3.1.20

The March 1, 2020 WSA Member Update included:
• Link to Randy Goruk’s seminar, “What Exceptional Leaders Do Every Day” at NPE
• Link to 8 new sweeping Tips at
• Link to Michael Nawa and Karl Stauty awards from NPE: Includes audio podcasts with each.
• Various info about third party vendors Command7, National Maintenance Systems and KBS.
• Link to Elgin’s Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping Award

WSA Member Update 2.15.20

The WSA Member Update includes:
• Notice we will soon have 3 Member-only seminar videos from NPE
• Link to article about why it’s a good idea, and how, to provide $1/hour bonuses each week.
• Two WSA Advisory Board Members won major awards at NPE
• Divisions has lost the Lowe’s contract; who got it?
• Links to study showing great relative cost-effectiveness of street sweeping for pollutant abatement
• Link to article about how to obtain and retain good workers
• Final of three-part seminar on safety
• February Safety First! Tips link

WSA Member Update 1.15.20

The 1.15.20 WSA Member Update includes:
• Update on which third party vendor(s) have Target stores now
• Link to a new article on latest marijuana testing requirements for employers
• Link about Pier 1 closing half its stores
• Reminder about possible savings with Trash Can Liners Direct!
• Link to safety information from
• Link to our monthly John Meola Safety First! safety info

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