WSA Member Update 2.15.19

Our February 15th Update includes:
• Copy of an example introduction letter from contractor to prospect
• Link to WSA’s new FAQ section of ideas on how to get the most from membership
• Info about J.J. Keller on-demand free audio podcasts
• Info about California’s ‘Bounty Hunter Statute 2819’
• Alert that Walmart has put out an RFI in planning a RFP for 2020
• Request by WSA Member for software recommendation
• February Safety First! info

WSA Member Update 2.1.19

WSA Member Update 2.1.19 includes:
• Announcing WSA’s new ‘Member Refer a Member’ program.
• Victory Sweepers’ parts discount reduced to 15%
• Link to WSA Member, Matt Peaslee’s brief YouTube video of his sweeper in a movie.
• Announcement that WSA will conduct a new survey concerning Third Party Vendors in the upcoming months along with a request to look and see if anyone has a vendor they know about that isn’t currently on our list.

WSA Member Update 1.15.19

The January 15, 2019 WSA Member Update includes:
• Reminder to ask for your WSA Member Discount from all of the vendors listed in our Membership Benefits area.
• Info on newly discovered third party vendor, Shields Facility Maintenance.
• Link to a post entitled ‘Turn Downtime into Uptime.’
• Link to J.J. Keller webcast: ‘OSHA’s Injury & Illness Recordkeeping, What you don’t know can hurt you’
• Safety First! bulletin by John Meola

WSA Member Update 1.1.19

Our WSA Member Update contains…
• We ask our Members if they know who is taking over the Home Depot account in the NE.
• A reminder and link about web security.
• We suggest WSA Members develop a company policy around mobile devices.
• We offer Chevron’s ’22 Tips to Reduce Operating Costs.’
• We offer an additional link about developing a succession plan for your business.

WSA Member Update 12.15.18

WSA’s December 1st Update included:
• 1900s sweeper photo with wreath along with directions on how to download for Christmas social media post.
• Request for info on paying operators a percentage of route income.
• Notice of $25/year increase in WSA Membership.
• Reminder to let me know about any community giving programs
• Safety First! Tips
• Link to a one-hour webcast ‘Recordkeeping & Audits: Dotting all the i’s for the DOT on demand.
• Info on the free WSA conferences at NPE

WSA Member Update 12.1.18

This WSA Member Update includes:
• $100 credit for new signups to WSA’s fuel card provider
• JJ Keller free webcast on driver qualification rules for CDLs
• Link to new article on prepping for OSHA inspections
• Request to let WSA know if you do anything special for your customers this Christmas

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