WSA Member Update 5.1.20

The WSA 5.1.20 Member Update Includes:
• Info on CDC response
• COVID-19 webinar info
• Command7 info
• Article on Louisville Pavement Sweep
• Link to WSA COVID-19 Impact on Sweeping Survey
• Links to WSA and WorldSweeper’s COVID-19 response pages

WSA Member Update 4.15.20

April 15th WSA Member Update includes:
• Wide variety of COVID-19 info and links
• Info about Command7 non-payment
• Safety First! links

WSA COVID-19 Breaking News Bulletin 4.5.20

WSA Member Update 4.1.20

WSA Member Update 4.1.20 contains:
• A variety of COVID-19-related links to information, webinars and handouts
• Link to Linda Alfonsi’s ‘Quickbooks Basics’ 90-minute seminar filmed at 2020 NPE
• Link to WorldSweeper’s April Fool’s Day compilation

COVID Update re: Walmart 3.24.20

Bulletin advising how sweeping contractors may sweep Walmart locations early during the COVID-19 outbreak when Walmarts are closing early.

COVID Update March 23rd

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