An Interview With Dale Brantley, Walmart’s Senior Manager of Exterior Services

An exclusive interview with Walmart’s Senior Exterior Services Manager. Conducted in November of 2019.

2017 Sweeper Roundup a Rousing Success

An overview of the World Sweeping Association’s 2017 Sweeper Roundup, America’s first-ever conference for power sweeping contractors.

New York Contractor a Successful Patriot Who Buys American

In 1970, Albanese had been out of the service for a few years and was looking for opportunity. He saw it in the construction field, and after buying a dump truck and a bulldozer he founded the Staten Island, NY, company known today as Quality 800 Asphalt in April of that year.

Safety Tips and Risk Management for Power Sweeping

Because our industry requires a somewhat unique set of safety controls, most of which do not appear in OSHA or State safety codes, we present these safety tips for our Members to adopt into their daily work activities. These are practical tips and techniques, and represent Best Safety Practices for sweeping professionals.

Third Party Vendors: Cautions and Analysis

I recently invested a day-and-a-half in personally going through all the results from WSA’s Third Party Vendor Survey. This included setting up an individual results’ page for each individual vendor company included in the Survey. The reason this process was not delegated was that I wanted to see what insights I might gain about the way these companies operate, so as to pass along that information to the sweeping contractor community.

The Wisdom and Success of ‘Larry the Pool Guy’

The following story of ‘Larry the Pool Guy’ is presented in hopes it will inspire better business methods and understanding of the power of building a company on the cornerstones of professionalism, quality work product and ethics.

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