The ABCs of Packaging Your Sweeping Business for Sale

Soundcore Capital Partners is a New York-based private equity firm that is in the business of buying and selling companies. Further, the organization and its investor group have identified the power sweeping industry as one of interest to them. Currently, Soundcore is actively pursuing the acquisition of power sweeping contractors throughout the United States. As a result, WSA asked one of the company’s principals, Erik Emmett, who is an attorney as well as Soundcore’s Head of Deal Origination, to provide World Sweeping Association Members with an overview of their process, along with any tips he has for how contractors may improve the viability of their companies prior to putting them on the market.

Customer Service: A Prime Business Component to Emphasize

Information excerpted from the American Subcontracting Association that provides input on what is generally considered as good customer service, as well as how to improve good customer service in your organization.

Guidelines for Working With Prime Contractors

This article provides ideas and insight about steps to consider when working with general contractors, including third party vendors. These include avoiding ‘pay if paid’ and ‘pay when paid’ contract clauses.

Sidewalk Chalk System

This file supports information about how to use sidewalk (or regular) chalk to improve the promotional photos on your company’s website, brochures, etc.

Options/Ideas for Selling Your Business

Our Executive Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, assisted a WSA Member with evaluating options in how to sell his single night route and sweeper, so that he could concentrate on his daytime construction sweeping. The night route is profitable but he finds it time-consuming and he’s having a difficult time retaining an operator for more than a few months at a time.

Various options were discussed on a recorded phone call and this is being provided to Members as a podcast on the topic. Since the contractor is not leaving the area and the route is profitable, the most time is spent on the idea of leasing the sweeper and route to someone who wants to develop a business of their own.

Networking: The Dirty Dozen Tips for Social Events

Sean Luce, from the Luce Performance Group, provides a helpful document with twelve tips for common situations to help you and your employees have better interactions at social networking events.

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