Customer Service: A Prime Business Component to Emphasize

Information excerpted from the American Subcontracting Association that provides input on what is generally considered as good customer service, as well as how to improve good customer service in your organization.

Expanding From Parking Lot Sweeping

This article contains a podcast interview with an anonymous contractor regarding expansion of services beyond parking lot sweeping. The interview is embedded at the bottom of the article.

Networking: The Dirty Dozen Tips for Social Events

Sean Luce, from the Luce Performance Group, provides a helpful document with twelve tips for common situations to help you and your employees have better interactions at social networking events.

Veteran Texas Contractor Outspoken Toward Unethical Pricing and Contracts

Charles Norton of Power Clean of Texarkana shares his thoughts on third-party vendors undercutting established contractors, as well as providing a word of warning about the shortcomings of porter services. A podcast interview is embedded at the bottom of this article.

Veri Makes Business Learning Enjoyable

The internet provides many new opportunities for learning. A website that caught our eye is called Veri, which is a site dedicated to both the learning and sharing of knowledge. There are a number of business-oriented ones that sweeping contractors might find useful.

The Cost of Doing Business…

How often have you shaved your bid to the very lowest level in order to be awarded a contract, perhaps in order to get the job away from your competitor or, these days, to meet the requirements of a third-party vendor organization? When this happens, it is a common mistake to not factor in the many expenses that are necessary to take care of the account properly.

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