Gary Rabine’s Seminar: The 3 Shiniest Nuggets

In Gary Rabine’s 2020 NPE seminar ‘The 3 Shiniest Nuggets,’ Gary discusses the imporatance of:
1. Serving and being the best in your marketplace
2. Innovation
3. Giving and receiving mentorship

WSA-Only: What Exceptional Leaders Do Every Day

Randy Goruk’s Exceptional Leaders seminar provides a host of useful information about how to best improve your leadership.

What Exceptional Leaders Do Every Day

This excellent seminar by Randy Goruk, founder of, provided a host of tips and insights on how to become an exceptional leader, of your business, community and personal life.

Marijuana in the Workplace: Links and Guidelines

On Jan. 1, 2020 several states began to allow recreational use of marijuana, calling into question the effects of legalization on employer drug policies. The article links, which were posted in January of 2020, offer a brief overview of the new legislation that sweeping contractors need to be aware of.

Goal-setting and Follow-Through: Markers for Success

Unionization: An Overview

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