SweepCo Owner Offers 35+ Years Experience

Our Featured Contractor for March 2016 is someone that many of our readers/listeners will have had contact with over the last 3+ decades he has been involved in the power sweeping industry. Although recently he has become an owner/operator of the power sweeping company he called SweepCo, Mike Dyke’s experience far transcends that of a typical contractor.

Pro Sweep Goes the Distance to Please its Customers

Bruce Christianson founded North Dakota-based, Pro Sweep, Inc., in 2000. “I got started in the business due to being parked in a parking lot in January of 2000 when the lot was hit by a big gust of wind,” said Christianson. “When I saw all the trash blowing I wondered if anybody swept it. The next day I went to my local grocery store and asked if anybody swept. The next day I did some research, probably through WorldSweeper, found out some pricing info to go back and tell him and since then we’ve been growing and expanding.”

Smith Cleaning Moving Toward Third Generation

Stuart Smith virtually grew up in the parking lot sweeping business in his hometown of Newberry, SC, which is near Columbia, the state capitol. At the tender age of 10 he started helping out his father, who took over the sweeping business of a friend who died in the early 1970s. They had a Clark-brand push sweeper that collected debris in a cloth bag. The machine had to be trailered to the single account that came with his dad’s newfound company.

Stuart helped out in the mornings before school, which meant getting up before 5am. Their activities took about two hours to complete. Both his sister and his mother also went on the routes in order to get everything done as quickly as possible. Today, Smith’s son sometimes goes out on the job with his dad even though he’s only six years old. However, says Smith, he’s rarin’ to go and loves to run the backpack blower.

Austin and San Antonio Now Getting ‘Moore Clean’

After college Jose Moore went to work for a sweeping company, where his suggested changes greatly expanded the business. When a joint venture with the owner didn’t work out, Jose and his wife, Laura, started their own parking lot sweeping company with a single account… and a TYMCO 600! Through the couple’s perseverance, today Moore Clean, LLC is a full-service sweeping and maintenance company in the Austin, Texas, area with 30 full-time employees.

Hamel Parking Lot Service Handles Iowa’s Heartland

Hamel Parking Lot Service follows the fairly recent purchase of a large company by someone who did not have any previous experience in this particular area of business. Learn more about how sweeping is handled in the heartland of America, Iowa, and how empowerment of employees can play a role in having a smooth-running operation.

Sweep Masters Once Again a Force 10 Years After Katrina

SweepMasters’ market area extends from Waylon, Mississippi to Mobile, Alabama. Hurricane Katrina hit that area of Mississippi in August of 2005, changing the landscape — and the business landscape — ever since. Overnight, the company lost 75% of its customers. In addition, Monroe lost her home. With no work for their employees, the ownership duo took over all tasks in the company, a situation that continued for the next two years. Although faced with an uphill struggle, the SweepMasters organization shows that even after a disaster like Katrina competent members of the business community can persevere and come out the other side in growth mode.

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