WSA Member Update 5.1.22

WSA Member Update 5.1.22 includes:
• Link to a Nighttime Work Zone Safety Guide
• Link to upcoming FREE webinar on fleet management BMPs
• Info on WSA’s new Benefits Calling Program to be sure members are ‘up to speed’ on their WSA benefits
• Reminder that if you have an issue with Walmart that gets an answer to be sure to let WSA know.

WSA Member Update 5.1.22

WSA Member Update 5.1.22 includes:
• Resource info on distracted driving
• Reminder to post WSA’s Memorial Scholarship info for employees
• Request for input about anyplace Walmart is not in compliance with its own contracts, etc.
• Information about NELTS, Inc.

WSA Member Update 4.15.22

WSA Member Update 4.15.22 includes:
• Link to the Night Time Work Zone Safety Guide
• Latest info on Walmart communications
• Second of our seminar videos from the 2022 NPE
• Link to John Meola’s Safety First! post for April

WSA Member Update 4.1.22

WSA Member Update 4.1.22 contains:
• Info on CBRE losing Walmart account
• Link to NPE seminar by 405 Media on using video to enhance your company
• Latest on Walmart changes, including April Fool’s Day posting.
• Link to BMPs in getting and keeping employees.

WSA Member Update 3.15.22

This WSA Member Update includes:
• Latest info on changes in sweeping frequency and more at Walmart
• Link to info on BMPs for adding a fuel surcharge to your current accounts
• Info on how to get into the portable toilet business
• March Safety First! post by John Meola

WSA Member Update 3.1.22

WSA Member Update 3.1.22 contains:
• Reminder about Employee Appreciation Day
• Intro to JLL Technologies
• Notice that CBRE has lost Walmart contract
• National Pavement Expo info

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