WSA Member Update 1.15.20

The 1.15.20 WSA Member Update includes:
• Update on which third party vendor(s) have Target stores now
• Link to a new article on latest marijuana testing requirements for employers
• Link about Pier 1 closing half its stores
• Reminder about possible savings with Trash Can Liners Direct!
• Link to safety information from
• Link to our monthly John Meola Safety First! safety info

WSA Member Update 1.1.20

The January 1, 2020 WSA Member Update includes:
• Celebration of WSA’s 8th birthday
• New article about how to ask for testimonials
• Link to article about hiring best practices
• Info on historic weakness in the retail sector in 2019

WSA Member Update 12.15.19

Items in the December 15th WSA Member Update included:
• Link to WSA/ holiday card
• Link to a ‘performance game’ for employee oversight
• Two diesel-related articles about diesel engines, one for DEF and one for fuel injection systems
• Our Safety First! tips by John Meola
• Link to Meola’s article about OSHA’s Top Four violations

WSA Member Update 12.1.19

The WSA Member Update for 12.1.19 contained:
• Link to WSA’s interview with Walmart’s Senior Manager for Exterior Services
• Reminder about IRS Section 179 deductions
• Reminder about WSA’s fuel card program
• Notice that we will be sending out renewals this month

WSA Member Update 11.15.19

This WSA Member Update includes:
• Latest news about Walmart contacts
• Perkins outcome for member with warranty issue
• Link to ‘Habits of Successful Managers’
• Monthly Safety First! info and tips

WSA Member Update 11.1.19

WSA’s Member Update for November 1, 2019 includes:
• Info about something to watch out for with third party vendors
• Update on Walmart contract changes situation
• Info on the seminars free to WSA Members at NPE 2020
• An article and a free webinar about written safety plans

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