WSA Member Update 11.15.20

The November 15th WSA Member Update includes:
• Police report about a sweeper operator being accosted while on duty
• Special performance review considerations for 2020 given the pandemic
• Suicide prevention info from Construction Industry Alliance for Suicide Prevention
• Info on Section 179 tax-saving purchasing before years’ end
• November Safety First! tips from John Meola
• Info about including an issue of American Sweeper magazine with WSA Member renewals for 2021

WSA Member Update 11.1.20

The November 1, 2020 WSA Member Update contained:
• Reminder to plan for contingencies given the upcoming election results
• Link to a 14-minute video on distraction abatement
• PAVEMENT magazine article link on staying alert while parking area sweeping
• Recommendation to see stormwater-related articles from WorldSweeper’s October e-newsletter
• Link to WSA Member CAM South’s recent newsletter and news of the acclaim they’ve received by giving apple baskets to customers

WSA Member Update 10.15.20

WSA’s 10.15.20 Member Update includes:
• Info on Brightview picking up Sam’s Clubs
• Report that CityFM took on over 150 WalMart stores as self-performing
• Link to Employee Handbook changes needed per state
• Request for WSA Members to review SweepInspect app
• Request for info on Alff Construction, a newly added third party vendor
• October Safety First! tips

WSA Member Update 10.1.20

The 10.1.20 WSA Member Update contained the following:
• New info about CityFM and also about WalMart sweeping issues.
• Request to learn more about what Sam’s Club is up to.
• Update on working with KBS to get contractor paid.
• From Keep Trucking Safe: some best practice ideas on how to increase truck driver safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.
• From FleetOwner: six tips on how to move from ‘preventive maintenance’ to ‘predictive maintenance.’

WSA Member Update 9.15.20

Our 9.15.20 WSA Update includes:
• Info about a re-bid of WalMart stores by City FM, with half-time sweeping and half-time portering.
• Report about non-payment by KBS
• Link to article about predictive maintenance via oil analysis
• Safety First! tips by John Meola
• A short video about creatively doing heavy projects

WSA Member Update 8.15.20

The WSA Member Update 8.15.20 includes:
• Link to Mark Logsdon’s ‘insurance coverage gap areas’ webinar
• Pandemic info request to Members
• Link to two sexual harassment guidelines articles
• August Safety First! tips

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