WSA Member Update 3.15.17

This issue of the WSA Update includes:
• First announcement of the scheduled WSA Roundup for September 15-17, 2017
• Call for committee members for liability reduction committee
• Announcing Mike Musto’s 1-800-SWEEPING as a WSA benefit
• Notice about Eastern Benefits Group’s March 28th webinar on conducting legal background checks
• John Meola’s monthly Safety First! tips
• URL locations for WSA’s sponsored NPE videos
• URL location for WSA’s ASA webinar on the upcoming OSHA Silica Rule

WSA Member Update 3.1.17

This WSA Update includes:
• News and link to PAVEMENT Magazine’s online application for Top Sweeping Contractor Awards
• Question from Member about how to deal with customers that require call in/call out on a jobsite with or without their app
• News about ASA’s Silica Dust webinar and that we will have an on-demand link next issue.
• Elgin has modified its agreement with WSA to be less stringent about parts buying at a 20% discount through its dealers
• Reminder to have a Will/business transfer plan in place
• News that Integrated Services Group now operating as Command7

WSA Member Update 2.15.17

Topics include:
• Announcement about Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping 2017 winner.
• John Meola’s Safety First tips.
• Update on previous story about sweeper being struck by a train.
• Report on payment deficiencies by Merit.
• Request and location to comment on compensation for salespeople.
• Info about Joe Gennaro, a former sweeping company owner looking to manage a company in U.S.
• Tip about keeping brakes lasting longer on Broce Broom and, perhaps, chassis-mounted mechanical sweepers.

WSA Member Update 2.1.17

Topics include:
• Notice we have included a ‘Guide to Stopping Distracted Driving’ in WSA’s Safety section.
• Link to a sweeper struck by a train while sweeping as a safety reminder.
• Link to Gale Holsman podcast on becoming profitable
• Reminder that you should be using a new new version of the Employment Eligibility Verification Form, I-9.

WSA Member Update 1.15.17

Topics include:
• New WSA Members-only article: “The Value in Being Perceived as a ‘Premium Provider'”
• Verizon NetworkFleet-produced white paper: “Five Steps to Improving Fleet Utilization”
• Info from Keep Trucking Safe includes an interactive pre-trip training simulation for people working on gaining CDL designation
• John Meola’s Safety First monthly safety tips

WSA Member Update 12.30.16

In addition to Happy New Year’s wishes, issue contains:
• Info on new mileage rate from IRS for 2017
• Addition of new third party vendor, Facility Source, to WSA website
• Alert about Philippines sweeper who found bomb; train employees!
• Addition of new Safety Checklist eBook to website

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