WSA Member Update 6.15.17

Reminder to get applications in for WSA Scholarship before July 1st.
Millennium Maintenance donated $1,000 to scholarship fund
WSA Roundup info: Sweeper Band members needed
Sign up for Roundup before July 1st to save $50/person
Victory Sweepers, Inc. has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Sweeper operator killed in Jacksonville
Safety Meeting topics listed

WSA Member Update 6.1.17

Topics include:
• Member looking for ‘work order software.’
• Member looking to buy a used sweeper from someone who can carry the contract.
• Reminder to post scholarship info.
• Two articles on ‘becoming your best business self.’

WSA Member Update 5.15.17

The May 15th WSA Member Update contains the following info:
• Link to sign up to attend the WSA Sweeper Roundup
• Request for sponsorship for Sweeper Roundup
• Reminder and link to poster about Memorial Scholarship applications
• Safety meeting info for May from John Meola

WSA Member Update 5.1.17

• WSA Sweeper Roundup signup form to be sent out soon.
• Automatic credit card renewal billing now available for WSA Memberships
• Have a question? Try the WSA websites search area, just above where you enter your login info
• Buyers’ Guide to GPS added to WSA website
• California now designates parking lot sweeping as ‘janitorial’ for workers’ comp.

WSA Member Update 4.15.17

WSA Update for April 15th:
• Discusses WSA’s upcoming Sweeper Roundup
• Notifies Members that OSHA’s Crystalline Silica Standard enactment has been delayed for 90 days.
• Reminds Members to enter PAVEMENT Magazine’s 2017 Top Sweeping Contractor awards.
• Notifies about topics for our April Safety First! section.
• Includes a link to a free webinar about employee benefits
• Has a link re: our April Fool’s Day story showing a YouTube video of a baby elephant picking up litter.

WSA Member Update 4.1.17

This WSA Update includes:
• A reminder to apply for PAVEMENT Magazine’s Top Sweeping Contractors list before April 21st.
• A link to an April Fool’s Day joke Members can mail to their own clients.
• A ‘preview link’ to an article on how to lower Workers’ Comp. expenses.
• A reminder to save the dates September 15-17 for attending the WSA Roundup in Kansas City.

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