WSA Member Update 6.15.23

WSA Member Update 6.15.23 contains:
• Link to a free webinar entitled “The Future of Fleets”
• Info about Transblue not paying its bills
• Question about a rumored change to payment terms by Walmart
• National Safety Council offering four modules with targeted safety info for June since it is National Safety Month
• Safety First! post from John Meola
• Link to PDF on how to search your LinkedIn connections for people they are connected to who might become clients of yours.

WSA Member Update 6.1.23

WSA Member Update 6.1.23 included:
• Notice about pending semi-retirement of Ranger
• Update on NELTS
• Link to brake checking BMP article for drum brakes
• Link to Excel Workbook for Dummies PDF

WSA Member Update 5.15.23

WSA Member Update 5.15.23 contains:
• Info on WSA Memorial Scholarship Fund
• New video from 2023 NPE by Cam Roberts called “Grow Your Business With Intention.”
• News link from FleetOwner about how much diesel costs in different parts of the country.
• May Safety First! messages

WSA Member Update 5.1.23

WSA Member Update 5.1.23 contains:
• Link to an article about co-oping line striping work or doing it yourself
• Reminder about the WSA scholarships
• Link to an article about the importance of pre-ordering parts and sweepers given the current market.

WSA Member Update 4.15.23

WSA Member Update 4.15.23 contains:

• News about Ani Samuelian Business Woman of the Year award
• Link to YouTube on how to capture and service large events
• Link to Jay Presutti’s monthly sweepers’ roundtable Zoomcast
• Update on TransBlue
• Link to info on Distracted Driving Awareness Month
• Link to John Meola’s Safety First! info as well as notice John passed away in March.

WSA Member Update 4.1.23

WSA Member Update 4.1.23

• Updated info on TransBlue
• News about Shauna Huntington webinar
• Updated info on NELTS
• Link to Equipment World article re: lubricant changes for Spring season

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