WSA Member Update 8.1.22

WSA Member Update 8.1.22 included:
• News no scholarship applications received this year
• Link to article by Ranger re: preparing in slow winter months for busy summer time
• Tips on fighting heat exhaustion
• Tip on using O’reilly WSA account when buying from that store

WSA Member Update 7.15.22

The WSA Member Update 7.15.22 contains:
• Link to Windows 11 ‘cheat sheet’ quick reference guide
• Link to ideas about how to control fuel costs
• Link to Advisory Board member way to pick up gutter brooms and/or sweeping heads when hydraulics fail.
• John Meola’s Safety First! tips

WSA Member Update 7.1.22

The July 1st 2022 WSA Member Update contained:
• Reminder from a WSA member to be cautious about the clauses in any KBS contract
• A link to an ‘Excel Cheat Sheet’
• Two articles about best practices and preparation ideas for dealing with OSHA.

WSA Member Update 6.15.22

WSA Member Update 6.15.22 includes:
• News about Sam’s Club hiring KBS
• Link to getting Forever U.S. stamps from Walmart for 28-cents apiece
• Link to vehicle electrification info
• Last reminder about applying for WSA scholarships
• Safety First! posting from John Meola

WSA Member Update 6.1.22

WSA Member Update 6.1.22 includes:
• Link and info to new member benefit of NeuShield
• Reminder about scholarship info dispersal
• Link and info to Grammarly
• Request for info about anyone asking Walmart for a fuel surcharge

WSA Member Update 5.15.22

WSA Member Update 5.15.22 contains:
• Link to Nighttime Work Zone Safety Guide
• Link to Automotive Fleet webinar “Enhancing Your Fleet Maintenance Strategy to Streamline Operations”
• Info on our new ‘benefits reminder program’
• Request to let WSA help with any Walmart difficulties
• Our May Safety First! safety items from John Meola

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