Ways You Can Generate LOCAL Web Traffic For Free!

Do you have a Local Search listing on major search engines like Google? It has long been important to create a local listing to go along with your website. Now, with increased search being done for local companies like power sweeping contrators, this has become a necessity!

In this article, World Sweeping Association’s Ranger Kidwell-Ross, provides an overview of the places where you should confirm your company’s information is correct and where you should ‘claim’ your listing information.

Understanding (and Claiming) Google Places

Think you don’t have a listing with Google? Think again! Google has independently catalogued most business entities in the United States. And, Google is now adding review features directly to your company’s listing, like it or not. Here’s how to get listed and control your information.

You’re Online! (Now What?)

The Internet is said to be the fastest moving technological advance to ever sweep across our planet. Get on board if you haven’t already.

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