Submit Your Website to Search Engines

The article offers a link that allows you to submit your website to a variety of search engines, including Yahoo!, Bing, Google and more. It’s easy to do and it’s FREE!

Explore Hiring Online for Lower Costs, Better Results

Sweeping contractors and municipalities need to realize that many younger workers frequent the Internet. Advertising for employees online offers a number of benefits in addition to lower costs.

15 Tips for Small Business PPC Advertising

Almost every small business owner has to wear many hats: leader, accountant, admin, and caffeine fetcher. Whether you are doing it yourself or learning more to make better decisions with your agency, here are some strategies to help.

Ways to Build Your Email List: “The Gold is in the List”

Building lists of subscribers, prospects, and customers is one of the most important activities your business can undertake. Once built, permission-based email lists can create sales for your company for years to come.

An Introduction to QR Codes: What They are and How They can Improve Your Marketing Effort

This article is a guide to QR codes. It answers what they are as well as how to get one set up for your business. It also gives a brief outline on the importance of QR codes as a way of communicating information in today’s market.

How to Win the Local Marketing Game

As customers continue to rely on the Web to help them screen local businesses, local businesses must take steps to ensure that they pop to the top of online searches and continuously manage the accuracy of contact information and the tone of customer reviews.

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