Be Aware of These Antitrust Violations

We have received several calls in the last few months asking what a business owner can and cannot do in terms of speaking with competitors. To help clarify, we have added this article to the WSA website.

Four ‘Legal Mythbusters’ for Sweeping Contractors

$ Collection Tips

Once you perform your work you need to get paid. To assist in that regard, we offer at the WSA website a PDF file from Zlien that offers a host of tips in this regard.

Guidelines for Working With Prime Contractors

This article provides ideas and insight about steps to consider when working with general contractors, including third party vendors. These include avoiding ‘pay if paid’ and ‘pay when paid’ contract clauses.

Subcontractor’s Guide to Decreasing Financial Risks

This article, provided by Scott Wolfe Jr. of, provides a few examples of financial risks subcontractors often run into and mentions policies and laws that are built into America’s legal system to ensure contractors get paid for the work they do. Includes links at the bottom of the article.

Severance and Termination Agreements: What are They and When are They Needed?

This article, written by Attorney Charles Krugel, deals with the legalities of severance and termination, including discrimination laws. It also includes questions Krugel has asked of companies when they wish to include a severance agreement in an employee’s contract.

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