Third Party Vendors: Navigating the Quagmire

Merit Service Solutions Contract Analysis 10.13

Veteran Texas Contractor Outspoken Toward Unethical Pricing and Contracts

Charles Norton of Power Clean of Texarkana shares his thoughts on third-party vendors undercutting established contractors, as well as providing a word of warning about the shortcomings of porter services. A podcast interview is embedded at the bottom of this article.

Third Party Vendors: Cautions and Analysis

I recently invested a day-and-a-half in personally going through all the results from WSA’s Third Party Vendor Survey. This included setting up an individual results’ page for each individual vendor company included in the Survey. The reason this process was not delegated was that I wanted to see what insights I might gain about the way these companies operate, so as to pass along that information to the sweeping contractor community.

Are You Being ‘Snookered’ by Any Third Party Vendors?

An APEX-Award winning feature story that focuses on the damages that have been done to the street sweeping industry by irresponsible third-party vendors. Included in this article is a strategy for contractors to avoid further damages as well as what a contractor can do in the short term while a long term strategy is agreed upon.

Oxford Property Services and DDR Corp. Sever Relationship

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