As reported as part of WorldSweeper.com’s 2017 National Pavement Expo coverage, the well-established 1-800-PAVEMENT Network of business-building phone numbers is now offering 1-800-SWEEPING to power sweeping contractors. Leasing of the number is $200/month, with a discount for multiple area codes. With the unique phone system, prospect calls come directly to contractor/subscribers’ offices, not to a remote switchboard. The network’s other numbers, including 1-800-ASPHALT, 1-800-PAVEMENT and others, have already been responsible for channeling over $63 million in new business to users of the various numbers. In 2016, the system already in place received over 40,000 phone calls! WSA Advisory Board Member, David Ross of Millennium Maintenance and Power Sweeping, who was an advance adopter of the 1-800-SWEEPING system, reports that he has been very happy with the results. Because Mike Musto has agreed to contribute 10% of the subscription fee for 1-800-SWEEPING to WSA’s Scholarship Fund, we have added the organization to our Member Benefits’ page. I encourage you to take a look at this unique opportunity to brand your company with the 1-800-SWEEPING number!
Three Trucks
 You can see how Millennium utilizes the number on its equipment, above. This, says David Ross, has anchored his organization’s 1-800-SWEEPING phone number in the consciousness of  potential customers throughout his market area. Using the 1-800-SWEEPING number is not only memorable and professional, says Ross; additionally, it positions his company as the leader in sweeping in the area.

These are the basics of how the system works:

You’re in control of your number: All calls go directly to you! No hidden or other fees: Monthly investment starts at just $200 – NO start-up costs. Stable long-term pricing: Price will never increase more than Consumer Price Index. No hidden commitments: You choose the equipment and consumables you use. You get a marketing advantage: People will remember 1-800-SWEEPING

Find out more details and see a brief 1-800-SWEEPING video shot by WSA’s Director

To find out more complete information, including the opportunity to view a brief YouTube video done at the 2017 National Pavement Expo, use this link. And, remember, 10% of your monthly leasing investment will go directly to WSA’s Scholarship Fund!