Aqua Patch Asphalt/Concrete Repair

Aqua Patch Logo   AQUA PATCH is a product the developer touts as being a way to save both time and money while delivering a superior, permanent repair to asphalt and concrete surfaces. AquaPatchBagThe product, which is sold by the bag, is a cold-mix, water-activated mixture that is environmentally-friendly, and contains NO petroleum-based distillate solvents. This is a big factor given the emerging studies that have shown a high level of toxicity in stormwater runoff from petroleum-based sealcoating products. AQUA PATCH sets up quickly and is traffic-ready immediately. AQUA PATCH typically has much better longevity than box store patching products, a big factor when you are providing commercial repairs to your customers. AQUA PATCH has a large following in the pavement maintenance industry and is a frequent exhibitor at the National Pavement Exposition. AquaPatchRepairWSA Members are offered a discount of approximately 15% on AQUA PATCH. Normal pricing is $35/bag, but WSA Members save $5 per bag since the WSA price is $30 plus actual freight charges. In addition, purchases of 50 or more bags (a pallet load) will be sent shipping prepaid. To find out more and/or order AQUA PATCH, use the following contact information. Identify yourself as a WSA Member; the AQUA PATCH organization has been supplied with the means to confirm your membership. Call: Keith Hernandez AQUA PATCH Road Materials L.L.C. 390 N.Sepulveda Blvd., Suite 2000 El Segundo, CA 90245 TEL:(844)-869-8873 CELL:(310)-484-6268 FAX:(310)-524-1091 E-mail : URL: