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Benefits Solutions Today, with special arrangement by WSA, is proud to offer discounted benefits to WSA membership. Our specialists can help WSA members offer competitive benefit packages not previously available in one place.

BST_TableImageLookingUp Are you concerned with retaining and attracting top talent? Do you have the time and resources to compete with the large corporations in your space? Now you and your employees are eligible to receive products and services never before available to small business owners! UNDERWRITING CONCESSIONS Comprehensive benefits plans from the best carriers with the most aggressive underwriting concessions to give small businesses a competitive advantage. STREAMLINED ENROLLMENT Enroll multiple carriers from Best-In-Class portfolio from single platform streamlined electronic enrollment system. CONSOLIDATED BILLING All carriers working together with one simple billing system for total customer convenience. EASE OF DOING BUSINESS A true ‘one-stop-shop’ solution for a unique offer of comprehensive We always hear about investing in human capital, building goodwill and developing a company culture. Now at no cost, utilizing a turn-key effort, you can provide solutions that meet your objective of putting your people first.

Benefit Solutions Today Will Deliver for You and Your Employees

  • Membership to
  • Free Care Assessment for your parents or other family members
  • Free Living Will
  • Free Vision & Dental Pass
  • Free Health and Wellness Assessments
  • Many other free resources for you and your family to use today!

Free Employee Benefit Gap Analysis

Learn if your Employees are receiving the same level of benefits your competitors are offering. Your WSA Membership allows you to receive access to a set of comprehensive voluntary benefits, from Long Term Disability to Identity Theft Insurance, similar to what might be offered to a Fortune 500 Company.
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Online or Agent Assisted Enrollment

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