The “Good,” “Bad” & “Ugly” of Buying and Selling a Business: Learning by Example

The “Good,” “Bad” & “Ugly” of Buying and Selling a Business: Learning by Example

MarkHerbick200WSA sponsored a seminar at the 2016 National Pavement Exposition by Mark Herbick, CEO of Pursant, Inc. Mark Herbick calls his company “The Investment Bank that also builds the value of your business.” You’ll find a host of valuable information included in the video.

His topic: things to know about when preparing for the buying or selling of a pavement maintenance business.  If you are considering buying or selling a pavement maintenance-related business, “Deals in the Pavement Maintenance Sector: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” is a must-watch video. The video is embedded below.

Although posted and streamed from YouTube, until September of 2021 the following video was a private presentation not visible or available to YouTube viewers. However, as part of WorldSweeper’s reprise of the 2016 National Pavement Exposition, the video was made publicly available. If the link to the graphic below doesn’t work, or if you want to view the video on YouTube in a different web browser, here’s the link.

We strongly recommend that, as you watch this video, you also download and follow along with the Acrobat PDF version of Herbick’s seminar handout.

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