Buying a Sweeper Company – Insight from Ron Barnett, Blown Away, Inc.

This audio interview was conducted in 2014 by Ron Barnett, president of Florida-based Blown Away, Inc. Moderator and co-contributor was Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Executive Director of WSA. Screenshot 2015-04-03 09.29.50The intent was to provide information and ideas for an entrepreneur based in the San Francisco area who was looking to purchase a power sweeping company. Ron has been very successful in the Florida region by assisting individuals in developing their own power sweeping businesses. Along the way, he has purchased a number of sweeping businesses. If you are thinking about purchasing a sweeping company, you will find the ideas and information contained in this 50-minute audio to be of help. Ron requested that we tell listeners that his spontaneous manner is one of bluntness and candidness. No effort was made to edit this aspect from the audio. If you have insight and comments about the ideas and information contained in the podcast, please use the comments form below to add them. If you’d like to know more about Ron Barnett and his company, Blown Away, Inc., we have a Contractor Profile online as well, which was written/recorded in July of 2009.  

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