Surety Bond Requirements Info

Example Wording for Contract Clauses

A sampling of clauses you might want to insert into your contracts or contract addendums in order to modify agreements presented by others.

Omissions: Are You Covered? Probably Not…

Increasingly, contracts presented by general contractors contain clauses that create liability for ‘omissions,’ not just ‘commissions.’ An example of how this can impact your company: You might be charged an exorbitant amount — even more than the $$ amount of your services — if your sweeper broke down and so caused a work stoppage on the job. Your insurance policies will typically NOT cover this type of situation!

Sweeping Contractors’ Advancing Liability Issues

Overview on contract issues facing sweeping contractors.

Liability Issues With ‘Named Insureds’

Know and limit your liability due to having a contract that includes clients, whether they are the customer, general contractors or third party entities.

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