Cold Calling Is Dead, Networking Lives

For decades people have tried to find business through the painstaking process of cold calling. Fortunately, today there are many other options.

The Value in Being Perceived as a ‘Premium Provider’

Customer Service: A Prime Business Component to Emphasize

Information excerpted from the American Subcontracting Association that provides input on what is generally considered as good customer service, as well as how to improve good customer service in your organization.

Sidewalk Chalk System

This file supports information about how to use sidewalk (or regular) chalk to improve the promotional photos on your company’s website, brochures, etc.

Networking: The Dirty Dozen Tips for Social Events

Sean Luce, from the Luce Performance Group, provides a helpful document with twelve tips for common situations to help you and your employees have better interactions at social networking events.

Marketing Basics Top CEO’s Still Don’t Know… If They’ll Admit It!!

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