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June 11, 2014 Dear WSA Member– My apologies to those of you not located in what Walmart calls its ‘Midwest Region.’ However, our WSA Member list is very difficult and time-consuming to segment out by state. So, for those of you not in Texas, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri or Kansas, this email won’t affect you. Perhaps as a result of our mailout yesterday, a sweeping contractor sent us the above list of states included in the current, Midwest Walmart solicitation. We also saw the email they received, which references the opening of an RFP in those states next Tuesday, the 18th, after an initial conference call, which is scheduled for next Monday. If you sweep in one or more of the above states and:
  • DID NOT get an email about the conference call and RFP,
  • meet the criteria of currently sweeping more than one Walmart location in one or more of those states, AND
  • Walmart business is less than 40% of your total client list,
then contact me. I will provide you with a listing of the stores involved so you can see if your current stores are to be included in the upcoming bid process. If you meet the above criteria and did not get the announcement email from Global Sourcing, a division of Walmart, you’ll obviously need to work fast to get included in the Monday conference call. Thank you to the many WSA Members who emailed to say they appreciated us keeping on top of this situation. I firmly believe this is exactly the type of thing an industry association should be involved in, finding ways to provide competitive advantages to its Members. If you agree with what we are doing, please recommend to your non-Member contractor associates that they join WSA. The more WSA Members we have, the more we can accomplish! Good Sweeping, Ranger's Signature Ranger Kidwell-Ross Executive Director World Sweeping Association  
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