WSA Member Update 11.15.23

November 15, 2023 

Dear WSA Members, 

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For many years WSA has negotiated sponsorship of three seminars at the National Pavement Exposition (NPE). Here are the three seminars for this year. Note that when you sign up for NPE attendance seminars as a WSA member use code: MIPMWSA100P. 
• “People are Your Most Important Asset,” 10am, January 23rd, by Mike Shereck
• “Re-Dominate Your Market,” 3pm, January 23rd, by Jacob Buck
• “21 Leadership Tips for Elevating Performance and Profitable Growth,” 1:30 January 25th, by Randy Goruk 

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In 2024 a new pavement show called PAVE/X has been started by the producers of PAVEMENT Magazine. The show will be held January 30 – February 1, 2024, in San Antonio, Texas. As an introductory show, the organizers decided to allow all WSA members to have FREE attendance for all seminars in the show’s ‘Sweeping Track,’ except for the Keynote and Best Practices seminars. When you sign up for the show, use the code WSA24MEMBER when you sign up. 

If you have questions or any challenges with signing up for any of these free WSA seminars, please let me know. 

This link is to a series of short articles on telematics – GPS and ‘add-on enhancements’ – that might be included. The list of articles also includes links/info on the four GPS providers who were the information sponsors, Gollective DATA; GPS Trackit; Mobileye; and, Wheels:Trends in GPS fleet management systems
• Dealing with fleet data overloadUse of real-time data in operations management
• Seven modern uses for telematics beyond vehicle tracking
• Using AI predictive maintenance to save $$ and reduce downtime
• The downside of high-techTechnology to enhance fleet customer service

Reviewing the above should allow WSA members to better understand all that might (and perhaps should) be part of a sweeping contractor’s modern GPS system. If there are specific features you wish you had available – or that truly need to be available, for example like scheduling when the client wants a sweep the “first Thursday of the month,” then please let me know that before I conduct the Zoomcast with GPS Insight personnel that you’ll read about below. Also let me know if you love your current GPS and why.
Are any of you using GPS Insight for your GPS solution? After seeing all that’s available in the previous link… I’m in discussion with GPS Insight about providing a discount to WSA members but want to get feedback from membership who might be using them first. 

I’m planning to have an introductory Zoomcast with a senior representative to explain features and would welcome having one or more current WSA members on that call. My thought is you would have questions I might not know to ask in terms of what is available through their system, which I understand can include scheduling and preventive maintenance in addition to standard GPS features. 

This month, our Safety First! post is reprised from Meola’s valid topics from various previous years. November’s Safety First! message discusses the following:
• Glare Trouble Minimization
• Report Accidents and Close Calls!
• Thanksgiving Traffic: The Heaviest of the Year
• Special Operations: Competency and Training
• General Reminders About the Holiday Season

As always, if you have questions or comments about this WSA Member Update, or anything else to do with the World Sweeping Association or power sweeping in general, please let me know. 

Good Sweeping, 
Ranger Kidwell-Ross
Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Executive Director
World Sweeping Association

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