WSA Member Update 6.1.15

WSA Member Update 6.1.15


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June 1, 2015Dear WSA Members,We welcome new WSA Member, Virginia-based Total Power Sweeping Services, Inc.
Thanks to a recommendation by WSA Founding Member, Jay Presutti, we have added a new WSA Member Benefit. Filter Blaster is a portable product that allows users to clean air filters several times before replacing them. Presutti reports that his organization has, with use of the Filter Blaster product, now been cleaning their filters three times before going with new ones.

The information on the Filter Blaster has been added to the overall WSA Member Benefits page and we also have created a separate, password-protected page on the WSA website that includes an informative video and info on how to order and receive your WSA Members-only discount on the Filter Blaster cleaning unit.
Periodically I receive requests from contractors for information they can send to their sweeping customers, in a company newsletter or to post on their social media page, that can help them be positioned as experts in their field. If you sweep multi-family apartment buildings, you may want to provide your apartment management clients with a link to this on-demand webcast entitled “10 Creative Methods to Find $10,000 on Your Property.”
It appears that the business climate is definitely picking up some steam this year – finally! In the last few weeks I have read several articles on suggestions for how small businesses might want to act and/or adapt their operations to better position themselves for the rest of this year and into the future. Of the ones I read, there are three suggestions that stood out as being the most applicable for sweeping contractors.

  • Interest rates will stay low. The suggestion is that this year will be a good time to make capital investments while you’re still able to secure low long-term loan rates. Also, the internet’s proliferation of peer-to-peer lending websites is providing banks with increased competition. This is making bank lenders more aggressive and also means you may want to investigate peer-to-peer lending programs, as well.
  • Competition for employees will ramp up. The unemployment rate is falling and, after years of easy hiring, it’s going to become ever harder to find the top talent you need to help your company grow. It’s suggested that you will need to pay 10 percent more for each team member you hire and also expect to spend more on career training to ensure their loyalty.
  • The Affordable Care Act will grow. The suggestion is that small businesses should investigate the idea of getting coverage for their employees from SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program). Depending upon your circumstances, you may be able to secure a tax credit that will add to your bottom line.

Regina's Two Cents
My capable assistant, Regina, said to let everyone know that you can now pay your WSA Membership dues on a periodic basis, not just yearly. If you’d like to set up a payment system, including monthly or quarterly, just call her at the WSA office, 866.635.2205, or send her an email to let her know your preference.

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Surprisingly, we have had no scholarship applications so far even though the deadline is just a month away. Now I know that students are in the midst of finals and procrastination runs rampant this time of year… However, I want to once again remind everyone to make sure to let your employees know their children who are going on to any type of secondary education (trade school, tech school or college) are eligible to apply for one of our two scholarships in the amount of $2,000 each.

Here’s the link for complete info, the application form and a PDF poster about the scholarships that you can print and put onto your bulletin board or pass out to employees.

An update on getting a WSA fuel card is that the FuelMan organization is supposedly finding a wholesale vendor that represents their company, as well as CFN and Pacific Pride. I must say that, to date, I haven’t been impressed by the national FuelMan organization’s ability to follow through. If you have a particular local/regional FuelMan vendor you currently have a card with, please let me know. I hope we’ll have more to report by the next WSA Update.

Have an idea how WSA can be of even greater benefit? Just let us know!

Good Sweeping,
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Ranger Kidwell-Ross
Executive Director
World Sweeping Association

PS Remember that all of our WSA Member Updates are archived on the WSA website at the Director’s Blog link.

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