WSA Member Update 8.1.20


WSA Member Update 8.1.20



August 1, 2020

Dear WSA Members,

I wanted to remind you about the 1/2-hour webinar WSA is sponsoring with Mark Logsdon on the topic of where insurance gaps might exist with coverages placed by agents who don’t understand the industry. The webinar will be next Wednesday, August 5th, from 11-11:30 Central Time. Here’s the link to get more info or to sign up.

As you may have seen in the July WorldSweeper newsletter, Elgin is on track to quit representing the Broom Badger sweeper, which is made by Odra. Going forward, the sweeper is slated to be called the ‘Odra MT4H.’ This separation is in process and when we have the final details we’ll let you know.

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There are a couple of items I saw from ForConstructionPros I wanted to make sure you’re aware of. First is the article by John Meola on dealing with the extreme heat we’ve been experiencing all over the country as of late. John provided the info about heat stress management tips via this audio podcast.

The other article is also heat-related, but on the topic of safety purchasing, handling and storing DEF fluid in hot weather. Here is that link.


Thanks to Jim Blackerby, of Louisville Pavement Sweep (designer of Sweep Inspect). Jim suggested I include in one of our WSA Member Updates a link to this very good article from the Harvard Business Review called ‘The Leader’s Guide to Corporate Culture.’ In today’s climate where workers are hard to get and keep, this concept has become more important than ever.

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Remember: All of the WSA tips and other info to do with the COVID-19 pandemic have been consolidated to this page. Please also remember we will continue to post new COVID-related information at our WSA/WorldSweeper COVID-19 Sweeping Industry Update page as long as the pandemic continues. You will also find the file linked prominently on both the WSA and the WorldSweeper websites.

As always, if you have questions or comments about this WSA Member Update or anything else to do with the World Sweeping Association or power sweeping in general, please be sure to send me an email or call or text to my cell, 360.739.7323.

Good Sweeping,
Ranger Kidwell-Ross
Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Executive Director
World Sweeping Association

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