Elgin Parts Discount Benefit

ElginLogo200 The Elgin Sweeper Company offers WSA Members a 20% discount on most Elgin OEM parts. The WSA discount program is facilitated through the Elgin Dealer network. Elgin Dealers have all received a notice of the program. To check on whether or not the purchasing company is a WSA Member, Elgin dealers should know to go to WorldSweeper.com’s Contractor Locator, which is located at: www.worldsweeper.com/phpmd_contractors/index.php Please reference the above URL if a specific Elgin dealership has questions about the WSA discount of 20%. In the event they have further questions, please direct them to contact Andrew Urbanec, the Parts Sales Manager for Federal Signal Corporation, Elgin’s parent company. Andy’s direct line is: 847-468-2369. His email address is: aurbanec@federalsignal.com. This 20% discount structure offered to WSA Members is a significant savings for those Members who use the Elgin product line. Following are the WSA Member requirements and details when using the program:
  1. Contractor members agree to purchase their Elgin replacement parts from participating Elgin dealers in return for the 20% discount.
  2. Contractor members agree to the standard credit terms, conditions and policies established by their local Elgin dealer.
  3. Contractor members agree the program may not be used in combination with other Elgin discounts, incentives and/or pricing programs.
If you have any further questions about the Elgin 20% parts discount and would like the assistance of the WSA Team, please call 360-739-7323 or send an email to director@worldsweepingpros.org. In the event your Elgin dealer’s parts’ team doesn’t know about the discount, you could print and show them a copy of this notice, which was sent to all Elgin Dealers.