Creation and Value of a Diverse Workplace

Diversity Graphic The US workplace has undergone a dramatic demographic shift in the last few decades and continues to become increasingly diverse. In fact, statistics show that by 2050 there will be no racial or ethnic majority in the US. Diversity goes far beyond legal parameters and is therefore not required under federal, state or local law. A diverse employer is one that gives value to and appreciates differences, encourages employees to be respectful, accepting and tolerant and welcomes each individual and his or her contribution. The in-depth guide by XPert HR, linked below, will provide you with the law and best practices (as of 2020) for creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive workforce, including:
  • What is diversity and inclusion
  • Benefits and types of diversity
  • Challenges and barriers to diversity
  • Risks to an employer who is not diverse
  • Steps to increase and manage diversity
  • And more…
Check out the guide at this link.

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