Filter Blaster Benefit

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Filter Blaster lets you clean your air filters several times before replacing them.

Jay Presutti, of East Coast Industrial Services, was the impetus for our contacting the Filter Blaster company. Jay saw the product at a tradeshow, bought one, and his company’s results were so outstanding that he suggested we contact the Filter Blaster folks to inquire about a discount for WSA Members. Here’s what Jay has to say about their use of the product: “If a filter looked a little dirty to us we used to change it out. Now, with the Filter Blaster, we are cleaning our filters three times before replacing them. The product is great and we are saving money every day by not having to replace the filters on our fleet as often. We highly recommend using the Filter Blaster!” To find out more about the product, we suggest you check out the company’s website and/or view the video shown below. As a benefit, WSA Members will receive $50 off the regular price of a Filter Blaster unit, which is $349.95. WSA Members’ price of accessory rotors or extension shafts is $49.00 (normally $59.00). Jake Heying CEO/CFO of Salmon River Innovations, Inc., producers of the Air Filter Blaster, provided the following instructions: “We would be more than happy to offer your members an exclusive offer.  For your members, when they call in to our toll free 855-341-4677 number and refer to the World Sweeping Association organization, we will provide them with the benefit of special pricing with $50 off the portable unit’s retail price of $349 and $10 off the retail price of any accessory rotor or extension shaft’s retail price of $59.” To see the Filter Blaster in action and learn more about the product, check out the video shown below.

To Contact the Filter Blaster Organization: Call toll free: 855-341-4677 Go to the website:

As always, if you have any difficulty in obtaining your WSA Member Discount, please send an email to