Options/Ideas for Selling Your Business

Our Executive Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross, assisted a WSA Member with evaluating options in how to sell his single night route and sweeper, so that he could concentrate on his daytime construction sweeping. The night route is profitable but he finds it time-consuming and he’s having a difficult time retaining an operator for more than a few months at a time. Various options were discussed on a recorded phone call and this is being provided to Members as a podcast on the topic. Since the contractor is not leaving the area and the route is profitable, the most time is spent on the idea of leasing the sweeper and route to someone who wants to develop a business of their own. If you have input and other ideas, please use the comments area to add them in. The podcast is about 35 minutes in length. The contractor was not identified to keep the information on more of a generic level. Click here to listen to the audio interview.

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