Adding Portable Toilets to Your Services

Did you know that WSA Advisory Board Member, Gale Holsman, is also the ‘King of Portable Toilets’ in his Kansas City market area. Gale says he first saw the need for this particular service after he added roll-offs to his ever-expanding stable of products and services.

“When someone needs a roll-off container,” says Gale, “they almost always need portable toilets on their site, as well. It looked like a good additional profit area expansion to me.” That was back in 1996. When this interview was conducted, in March of 2022, his company had a stockpile of 4,000 units. Most are for standard service, though some offer additional amenities, like ADA compliance, which he says are required for most all government-oriented contracts.

For those who would rather not listen to the podcast, or in addition, Gale said what he thought was clearly the best porta-potty supply company is Satellite Industries and that the firm offered a ‘must attend’ training program he highly recommended for anyone adding portable toilets as their, er, “number two” business.

You’re invited to listen to the linked audio for all the details that Gale provided about his experience of growing in the portable toilet business. Pay particular attention to his advice about splitting up your corporate entities when expanding.

BTW, Gale was also our Award of Excellence in Power Sweeping winner in 2006, as well as the judge of the Junkyard Wars episode that featured two teams making a sweeper from junkyard parts.

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