Purchasing a Sweeping Company as a Startup Contractor

Purchasing a Sweeping Company as a Startup Contractor

Gale Holsman, Jr., has been in the sweeping business for almost a quarter of a century. During that time, he has bought and sold numerous sweeping companies spanning several midwestern states. Here are his tips for what process you should follow if you are considering purchase of a sweeping company but you and/or your company has minimal or no industry experience.

audio interview with Gale Holsman by Ranger Kidwell-Ross


Gale HolsmanThrough the years, Gale Holsman has been an icon of the power sweeping industry. His company, American Sweeping, Inc., was the recipient of WorldSweeper.com’s Award of Excellence in Sweeping for 2006. Holsman was also chosen as the judge when sweepers were built on the Junkyard Wars television show.

In these interviews with Ranger Kidwell-Ross, both men offer advice from their perspectives and experience. In addition to writing about sweeping, as well as consulting with sweeping contractors since 1988, Ranger has a  graduate-level degree in Economics.

Buying a sweeping company when you are a startup sweeping contractor. The purchase is of a power sweeping company by an individual and/or company that has minimal power sweeping experience, if any. The audio interview with Gale Holsman is contained in our podcast area, and is linked below.

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