Introduction to Contract Sweeping

Intro Startup Cover

If you are thinking of entering the power sweeping industry, first read this WSA white paper.

Introduction to Contract Sweeping is a 20-page white paper written by the Executive Director of World Sweeping Association, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. For a quarter-century, Kidwell-Ross has worked with sweeping contractors. During that time, he has seen results across the entire spectrum – some fail, some limp along, and some have succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.

One critical aspect leading to success or failure for many contractors has been the actions they took prior to getting into the sweeping business. This FREE white paper is provided by World Sweeping Association with the intent of providing the information needed to maximize an individual’s opportunity for success. As you will find, there are many suggested steps to take before you even obtain a sweeper!

To receive the download link for this publication, all you need to do is fill out the form shown below. When you do, you will be re-directed to the link for the white paper, which is in PDF format.

One of our goals at WSA is to help people enter the industry with as much information about what is entailed as possible. Why not find out now – before you spend money on a power sweeper or other, related business expenses – if this industry is right for you?

Remember, you can also call the World Sweeping Association office to get your questions answered. Call toll free, to 866.635.2205, or send an email to