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  Through the years, the World Sweeping Association has been contacted by several business coaching/consulting organizations interested in providing WSA with some type of services. We declined each time until we heard from Byron Skaggs, now a principal in Legacy Business Leaders, LLC (LBL). The reason for choosing to say “yes” to LBL is that Byron owned the sweeping company Beja Environmental for a number of years and, after selling that successful business, moved on to his current career in the coaching field. As a result, we feel that the resources Byron brings to the table have every possibility of being powerful for WSA’s Member contractors. We also like that Byron has earned both a Masters of Divinity and Certified Professional Business Consultant designation. That combination no doubt contributes to his emphasis on both business structure/profitability and running a business that contributes to the community around it. Here’s just one example of the glowing testimonials the organization has received from current clients… “Prior to working with you, our design/build firm lacked any definite goals, focus or business processes in place. With your guidance we have defined our core values, developed monthly accounting strategies, increased our gross and net profits, implemented hiring procedures and employee standards, developed our design proposals as well as learned when to walk away from jobs.” As a WSA Membership Benefit, LBL will offer a FREE Business Effectiveness Evaluation to each owner of a WSA Member firm. From there, you can determine your interest in establishing a one-on-one or group coaching relationship with Byron and the Legacy organization. The Evaluation will cover the following key areas of your business:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource
  • Customer Service
  • Finance
  • Business Systems
  • Exit/Succession Planning
  • Personal Effectiveness of Owner
Once the Evaluation has been completed by the owner of the member business, Byron will provide a complimentary hour-long consultation about the results, done online in a webinar-type of setting. This benefit offers each of our WSA Members a unique opportunity to have a professional consultant – one who also knows the sweeping business – provide insight into the current state of their business along with ideas and suggestions for improvement. “At the end of our discussion together,” says Byron, “your member will have learned a variety of techniques to change their company that will really allow them to move forward personally, professionally and profitably in their business. This is especially true for those who started a business because they were passionate about the type of industry they were getting into but didn’t have knowledge about the strong business systems that need to be in place to really make a go of it. I also believe strongly that good business makes strong community. The better we can help businesses develop, the better our communities will be.” To learn more, we invite you to listen to the conversation on this topic between Byron Skaggs and WSA’s Executive Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. In the approximately six-minute audio Byron provides more information on both his company and the value it can offer to contractors in the World Sweeping Association. You’ll see the audio link shown below. Here’s the contact information you need; be sure to identify yourself as a member of the World Sweeping Association.
Byron Skaggs, MDiv, CPBC
O: 330.470.1300
C: 859.285.0187
You can schedule an initial meeting online if you’d like, by accessing this link: https://calendly.com/byronskaggs
Principal, Legacy Business Leaders, LLC
Business and Leadership Coaching