NeuShield Protects Against Cyberattacks

A whopping 60% of all businesses suffer a Cyberattack for many reasons, mostly because they are easy targets without the budget to install the anti-cyber attack software necessary to detect and
prevent the majority of cyberattacks.

NeuShield, by Cyber Insurance Solutions, is a product that ALL sweeping contractors should seriously consider adding to their businesses. Ransomware and other hacks into your computer system can cause you to completely lose all of your company’s data. NeuShield doesn’t allow that to happen.

NeuShield’s Data Sentinel is a software product that in May of 2022 was chosen as one of the top five finalists for PC magazine SC Media’s coveted Innovation Award for 2022. There were over 800 entrants worldwide. It allows its users to recover encrypted data almost instantly.

Here’s what SC Media said about why NeuShield is a top-five finalist:

“NeuShield protects files to ensure users can instantly recover important data from any ransomware attack while delivering to an attacker a mirror image to make them believe they have access to a computer’s original data files. Even if a device is attacked by Fully Undetectable (FUD) or zero-day ransomware, the user can easily recover the original files with a single click without the worry of changes.”

As a WSA member, you will receive a 20% discount. Instead of $100 per server and $50/user per year, your investment will be $80/server and $40/user.

Use the link below to watch the informative half-hour video that completely explains the software; how it works; what it does. If you’d rather listen to the audio instead, use this link. Also check out this link to better understand how the NeuShield software works differently from insurance, cybersecurity software against ransomware, etc. Rather than waiting days or weeks for recovery from backups and/or the Cloud, with NeuShield your data is recovered almost instantly.

For a better understanding of both what can happen and the NeuShield solution, check out this case study of what the outcome was when one of NeuShield’s customers, a CNC machine shop in Oregon with a dozen employees, was the victim of ransomware attacks.

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