Safety Tips/Links From Keep Trucking Safe

Screenshot 2016-01-05 12.16.34 The Keep Trucking Safe (KTS) organization is a component of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. It was developed to provide safety information to the general trucking industry, including paving and, by extension, power sweeping. The following are links to some of the resources the KTS organization provides: Screenshot 2016-01-05 12.49.42Jump force safety training course. This is a fun method of teaching why 3 points-of-contact is better than jumping from the cab or trailer. Take your new hire or monthly safety training to the next level using this quick interactive training. • Fleet maintenance safety checklist. Screenshot 2016-01-05 12.24.22• A brief general jobsite safety course that includes safety gear, lane crossing tips and trailer transfer modules. The entire ‘course’ only takes about 15-20 minutes to complete. • You can download and print a PDF poster entitled Safe and Smart Cell Phone Use • PDF poster reminds to move a potentially heavy item slightly to assess its weight prior to lifting the entire item. • This graphic reminds that you should have a system in place for maintenance requests. Many worker injury incidents with vehicles stem from already reported maintenance items that have not been addressed. • Fleet maintenance tips for mechanics. • Importance of wearing the correct shoes/boots for the job. Includes tips for employees and employers. • Tips for successful truck chain installation. • Keeping on top of your company yard’s maintenance issues. • Reminders on guidelines to follow when you are working in the dark.

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