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Screenshot 2015-09-01 10.31.31In August of 2015 we received a WSA Member request for more information on the ServiceChannel Select Contractor Program (SCP). To learn more, on behalf of WSA we contacted the ServiceChannel organization and began a dialogue with Dorothy Bowes of the ServiceChannel Support Team. Below is the information she has provided us to date. Ms. Bowes also invited any WSA Member with questions about the Select Contractor Program to either call or email her directly. That information is shown at the bottom of the page. Below is the information Ms. Bowes has already provided on the SCP, so be sure to read that prior to contacting her. -Ranger Kidwell-Ross, Executive Director, WSA


Hello Ranger and the World Sweeping Association Members — ​We encourage you to carefully review the link below for information on the Select Contractor Program. The SCP​ can help you enhance ​the growth of y​our business. For instance, you will be able to flag problems before the client calls by utilizing the “My Scorecard” and track leads through the “who’s viewed my profile” option. This link (opens into a new window) provides details on all areas of the program, especially the very informative FAQ section, which I refer to as the SCP Bible!! The “limited” status attachment you initially provided is an automatic Fixxbook alert sent to all Walmart contractors who “choose” not to participate in the Select Contractor Program. This would one reason they would get the “limited” status automatic Fixxbook alert. Walmart is our only client that allows their contractors the “option” to participate or not at this time. If they choose NOT to participate, I would receive an email reply from them OPTING OUT & I then update our system. I follow up with a final OPT OUT email to them that explains what happens, including the automatic Fixxbook alert you attached. Those contractors do not need to worry about losing their work from Walmart. They should disregard the “limited” auto alert entirely. The second reason the contractor would receive the “limited” auto alert is because I have personally reached out to each Walmart contractor, at some point, once they reach certain thresholds. I send between 3-4 emails to each contractor for Walmart only. Sometimes I get replies asking questions, explanations, costs, benefits, etc. I reply to each one. If I do not receive any type of reply by the end of the 30 day grace period, I am required to automatically update our system to reflect the limited status. Each non-responsive contractor still receives an email from me advising of the computer update & to disregard the Fixxbook auto alert. I am hoping this will give you a much better insight as to how, when & why we reach out to the Walmart contractors. As stated earlier, the SCP website link is a wealth of information, especially the FAQ section. Your WSA Members are also welcome to reach out to me personally. If they send me an email I will reply with all answers to their questions! Thank you! Have a great day & a fantastic weekend! Dorothy Dorothy M. Bowes SCP Support Team Direct: 516-240-6893, Inc. *** Sign up below for our FREE ServiceHealth announcements to receive alerts about maintenance and other system related notifications: