1822 South Bend Avenue
South Bend, IN 46637

Website: www.springwisefm.com/

Toll Free: 800.227.3016
Fax: 800.659.2279
Email via contact form: www.springwisefm.com/ContactUs.aspx

 May 2013 Contractor Survey Results:

Satisfaction Rating (best is +5 to worst is -5; Note that results may not equal 100%):

  • 5:
  • 4: 12%
  • 3: 12%
  • 2: 24%
  • 1: 12%
  • zero (neutral):
  • -1: 6%
  • -2: 12%
  • -3: 6%
  • -4: 6%
  • -5: 18%

Average Length of Time Until Payment (Results may not equal 100% due to rounding):

  • 30 days or less:
  • 45 days or less: 52%
  • 60 days or less: 25%
  • 75 days or less: 16%
  • 90 days or over: 6%

Comments From May 2013 Survey:

  • I worked for them when they were Genisis and have refused to work or even bid with them as Springwise.
  • Other than paying slow, they are okay to work with.
  • Ok experience. Lots of reporting requirements.
  • Cheap, cheap, cheap.
  • Only did a few stores for them. Great to work with, easy in house on line reporting . Client managers easy to reach fair in thier dealings with me. wish there were more like these people.
  • Same issue of poor and awkard communication. If there is no problems all works fair, but to resolve an issue is very time consuming.
  • Want you to work for nothing look for ways to screw you on paper work.
  • This was the company that had the Lowes accounts before Mirror Lawn took over. A lot better to work for but a hassle having to keep up with verification numbers.
  • They negotiated prices after we had agreed on the prices.
  • Not bad to work for.
  • Very polite and easy to work for. Have worked for them on one property for several years now. Always pay and have NEVER had an issue. IVR system is very easy and forgiving.
  • Responsive. Price drove the decision to work with us but I am able to speak with an account exec if I have questions.
  • Bid lots of sites and no new work.
  • Won’t work for them due to their contract and late pay.
  • Looks for ways to not pay contractors. Extra paperwork they say the customers need … Simply not true. We work directly for the same customers that do NOT have the same paperwork and crazy policies to get paid (Or to NOT get paid!). No different than any other SP I have dealt with.
  • Easy to work for but their pricing is low.
  • Long wait.

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