Telwell: Urgent Care Virtual Doctor Visits Whenever Needed for No Charge

WSA’s Telwell benefit provides enrollees with a “Comprehensive virtual urgent care service… and each enrolled member/employee is covered for their entire family unit.

Yes, under this program enrollees can call 24/7/365 to speak to a board-certified physician who has been screened for qualifications, including background checks, clinical experience and training.

There is never a denial of services for pre-existing conditions, the average wait time is under 11 minutes and privacy under HIPAA regulations is assured. Information is only shared with the physician and your pharmacist. Most prescriptions are also discounted under the plan and may be filled by your pharmacy of choice.

You may call/video conference about any medical issue you have questions about. The most predominant conditions include:

▹ Acne/ Rashes

▹ Seasonal Allergies

▹ Cold/Flu/Cough

▹ Gi Issues

▹ Fever/Headache

▹ Nausea/ Vomiting

▹ UTIʼs/ Vaginitis

If needed, your urgent care need may be seamlessly transitioned to primary care with your current physician. All contacts may be recorded so they may be provided to your primary care doctor in your locale, whenever necessary.

Pricing is $250/year for WSA Members and $300/year for non members. Either way, each individual program covers the enrolled person and their family. There are zero other expenses no matter how much the benefits are used. Click here to view a PDF that explains more about the program. Note: The PDF is a great two-page resource suitable for printing out and distributing to all of your employees.

For more information call WSA’s (and the sweeping industry’s) Telwell coordinator, Rico Tucker. You may reach him by calling 619-391-1851 or via email sent to WSA also welcomes any feedback you have on the program either prior to, or after you have enrolled.

Our Zoomcast investigation of the Telwell program shown below included our Telwell contact, Rico Tucker; Phil Duncan, principal with WSA’s endorsed insurance agency, BindDesk; Lori Stauty, principal with Commercial Power Sweeping and member of WSA’s Advisory Board; and WSA’s Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. Click on the image below to access the approximately half-hour discussion of the program. If you prefer to just listen to the audio of the discussion click here.

An interactive video designed to bring out information about the Telwell Urgent Care Program.