Verizon Connect GPS Member Discount

FREE Installation of Verizon Connect GPS Systems

In September of 2018 WSA concluded negotiations with the Verizon organization to obtain a discount for our Members who choose the Verizon GPS system (including the company formerly called Fleetmatics). However, to qualify for the program of free installation, Verizon is requiring that a minimum of five vehicles have GPS systems installed. That information is shown immediately below.  Don’t have the 5-sweeper minimum required to get a free installation? Another option Verizon offers is their Verizon Connect Reveal Now. This has a lower monthly charge but there are a few features that are not available, including:
  1. Only manager can see where other drivers are.
  2. ‘Harsh driving’ information about poor driving performance.
  3. Garmin installation (closest routing info)
  4. Fuel cards may not be integrated.
For complete details please contact our WSA Verizon representative using the contact info shown below. For more information or to sign up as a WSA Member please contact our personalized Verizon representative, Aileen Vizcayno at 847.378.4371. You may also reach Aileen via email sent to If you encounter any difficulty with enrolling in the WSA program or have other questions your WSA team might be able to answer on any topic to do with power sweeping, call 866.635.2205 or send an email to