Web Mentorship Needed by Most Every Business

A benefit of being a WSA Member is an introductory session with a professional at Web Mentorship, a company specializing in the tips and techniques that will propel companies to a better internet position. Whether you want to get closer to the top during searches or want to make sure you know how to handle online reviews, both positive and negative, the personnel at Web Mentorship are experts.

These days, having correct and professional online profiles wherever your business crops up is very important. By whatever method that internet searchers find your company’s online presence, you need to know the image they find will be a positive one. One of the most prominent is your Google listing — which you have whether you know it or not.

WSA has arranged for each WSA Member to get a free introductory session with a professional from the Web Mentorship organization. During your FREE session, you visit and learn about your Google listing; what you can do to improve it; how and why to claim it; ways of guaranteeing accuracy, etc. They will also advise you about what’s possible if you want to work with them further to enhance your online traffic and reputation.

The fastest way to learn more is to watch the 19-minute video linked below. It is a Zoomcast between Kyle Henzes, a Corporate Partnership Exec. with Web Mentorship, and WSA Director, Ranger Kidwell-Ross. They discuss some of the many pitfalls most businesses can find themselves in when they don’t actively seek out and monitor their various online ratings around the Internet. You will find it an informative peek into the online business rating world. Click on the image or use this link to watch the video in your web browser.


Want to skip the Zoomcast and call to take advantage of your WSA Member Benefit? You may reach Kyle Henzes, our designated contact for the program, by calling 833.411.7768. Or, send an email to webmentorship@gmail.com. However, the easy ‘internet savvy’ method is to just sign up for a time slot with Web Mentorship by using this link.

The organization also provided us with a one-page explanatory handout, which you may download here and it is also shown below. If you have questions for the WSA office, send an email to director@worldsweepingpros.org.