WSA Fuel Card Discount Program


The World Sweeping Association is proud to provide a fuel card program that supports all three of the nationwide fueling stations shown above.

Our fuel card discount program is administered through Ernie’s Fueling Network, which is based in the Seattle, Washington, area. Prior to arranging this benefit, we requested competitive bids from several providers. Ernie’s was not only the leader in this regard but they also made available three of the top fuel networks in the United States, all with one card! In addition, the discount WSA Members will receive on the fuel they purchase through the program increases as the number of Members in the program increases. It’s simply a win/win for everyone involved.

Here’s how the program works:


Ernie’s management team has agreed to provide WSA with the following pricing schedule:

Note that Ernie’s pricing is based on wholesale sites and wholesale pricing — not what you see posted as retail pricing at street retail stations. Instead, the program works on a ‘Cost Plus System.’  The prices below show the ‘cents’ Ernie’s will charge over their actual wholesale cost of fuel, not retail prices. If you would like to get example pricing in your city prior to signing up for the program, call our WSA Program Administrator at Ernie’s, Elaine Angell, or send her an email. You may reach her by calling toll-free:  (888) 236-3835. Her email address is: Pricing is based upon how many WSA Members are signed up for the program at any given time, so the more who participate the lower the rate you will pay for fuel. Here is the rate schedule: 5 Members:        .13 cents over wholesale cost 10 Members:      .11 cents over wholesale cost 20 Members:      .09 cents over wholesale cost 50 Members:      .07 cents over wholesale cost Elaine said: “If any WSA Members would like to have pricing examples for certain cities where they are fueling, I’m happy to provide a wholesale price comparison vs. what they currently pay if they have receipts or invoices from previous fuel purchases. “That might be easier for them to understand how the price differs between wholesale and retail.  Most people are only used to seeing the retail posted price and never see wholesale pricing.”

Along with our WSA Member Discounted pricing, Ernie’s offers:

• NO FEES for fueling at any CFN or Pacific Pride wholesale locations. Fuelman are subject to a slight mark-up or fee, based on credit and payment terms. • Fueling available at over 55,000 sites Nationwide and in Canada, which include CFN, Fuelman and Pacific Pride locations. • The Security and option of using as a fuel only program. • The ability to customize fuel purchases, such as limiting gallons per fill and transactions per day. • 24/7 Customer Service (after hours fuel card and site assistance) • Personal account management from one of our experienced Fuel Consultants (Elaine Angell is our WSA program contact). • Online account access to view your account information and CFN wholesale prices. • Detailed Invoices with Fuel Management and Tax Reporting, along with combined billing for multiple card use. • E-receipts – An instant receipt e-mailed to you, at the time of purchase, showing the details of the transaction (amount, product, time and location).  Offered with CFN cards only. Click here to view the Ernie’s Fueling Network brochure. We also offer Ernie’s credit application and EFT authorization forms here on the website. You will be able to fill this out right on your computer. Here is the credit application link, here is the EFT Authorization form link. You also need to fill out the bank credit authorization form. If you need assistance and/or have questions, here’s how to contact Ernie’s Fueling Network: Elaine Angell is our WSA program contact. You may reach her by calling toll-free:  (888) 236-3835. Her email address is: Credit applications may be emailed to Elaine, or faxed to (253) 529-7119. In the event Elaine is not available, here are our contacts in the company’s various departments: Sales:  Gabbi Basah – Customer Service:  Jayme Teel – Credit Manager:  Dave Olson – As always, if you would like to contact the WSA office, please do by calling 866.635.2205 or sending an email to